Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Boleh main untuk Selangor

Inilah harapan pasukan bolasepak Selangor untuk ganti Bambang Pamungkas.
Agaknye lerr.....

Sunday, June 25, 2006

All my bags are packed...I am ready to go...

Goodbye Holland..Such a very beautiful country.
I am sure going to miss you..Holland..

Monday is off day for me.....

Heb een aardige dag.
Zie u opnieuw... Goed tot ziens

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Photos from Breda, Netherland

Received sms from home:
"Indah nak comment kat blog abi boleh tak? Kesian Indah, hari2 mintak bukak blog nak tgk tempat mana abi pegi"
Sian dia... Sejak dia dah besar sket, inilah first time jauh ngan abi. sib baik seminggu je..
Since skang ni tgh lunch (aku x makan la kan...office kafeteria mana ada apa2 utk aku), upload lah gambar sket..
OK Indah, tgk gambar kat bawah ni....
Double click gambar untuk enlarge ok...
Ada gaya chauffer tak? betul ke eja tu? Masa ni baru sampai.
Got this for father's day.
Windmill - dari sisi..

Grand Tulip Keyser Hotel room

Hotel bicycle in the park

Grand Tulip Keyser, Breda

Nice summer

Serious time....The interesting part about this meeting/wkshop is all these people are from 6 different countries.

Dinner with my mgr's manager. Sate babi pun ada. Bali Restaurant

Dalam banyak2 makanan tu...ni je yang aku bleh telan..

Voetball Party...at Breda market square

Topi tu dpt free..mamat bendera tu bagi

After the game..

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

I am frustrated.....

The shops and supermarkets in Breda not only close on Sunday, but also from 5.30pm onwards, daily.
I was really happy when our first day of workshop ended at 5pm sharp. That means a lot of shopping time for me.
So, after we arrived in the hotel by taxi, we changed our clothes to our shopping gear.
But wait....What shopping??? All shops are closed and closing...
It was like Sunday.. Only there are more people around......
You can imagine this: Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman at 3am in an early Sunday morning...or maybe worst...
Ghost town.....
This is 12pm Sunday
This is 2pm Sunday and the same for other days after 5.30pm, but with a bit more people on the streets..

So, now I am wondering, when can I do the shopping??
Working hours will be until 5pm everyday. (or when the bosses said so..)
I only have Saturday but I will be in Germany on that day.. (amiiinnn)

And I am worried of the list of souvenirs....My god..it's huge..
But it's for you my friend.....heheheh..Let hope I can find one good time to borong the souvenirs.
This small town, dah la kedai tutup awal...you can only find boutiques or restaurants..
That's about it!!

Orang nak bagi duit pun tanak bagi bisness...
cam ni la org dutch kat breda ni.......

I need to go to Amsterdam...
But do I still have the time???

Well..for me to figure out...

p/s - I have two slots for my presentation today....Pray for me...Yesterday was a good start...

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Safely arrived in Breda, Netherlands

I safely arrived in Breda.
Used the hotel's bicycle, and toured the city...
A lot of people cycling. Family, couples....all are cycling...
With the cool brezze, we hardly get sweat..
However the city.......on Sunday it is like a ghost city.

Right now, I am really hungry..
It is veryhard to find food on Sunday.
Found one halal restaurant...but it is closed.
Hopefully it will open tonight or tomorrow.

I have some backup foods with me....but...

Am using "free internet computer". Only have 20 minutes....

Will update the photos later..if possible...

till then..adiosssss..

p/s Wish me luck!!....Have another plan to make my wish to be in one of world cup venue comes true..

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Worldcup....here I come!!! Hopefully... :|

I am going to Holland for a business trip this Saturday.
I will be going there alone, and join one of my colleague from KL, who is already there. After a week in the Breda office (holland), we have plan to go on a short journey to one of the world cup venue, Cologne.
Cologne is the nearest to Breda (office in Netherland). See map.

The only sad thing is, during that time, the first round has ended and the stadium will rest for 3 days. So, we can't join the crowd to watch any game at the big screen outside the stadium.
We can't wait for 3 days....We need to take our flight home.

One of my colleague in Breda office told me that it is not very straight forward to get a train to Cologne from Breda. Minimumly we have to take 2 trains on a 4 hours journey.
The online tickets has been sold out since last month.
And there are also some other complicated matters. And for us who have limited time (we need to catch our plane in Amsterdam) it is quite risky.
However, I am determine to find the best solution, whatever it takes, for me to be in Cologne.

Initially I planned to stay for extra four days at one of my friend's fiancee house. We have been communicating on this.
However the plan was cancelled later.

Really hope to be in Cologne..
Pray for me...pleasee...I want to be there..This is the closest chance so far.....

p/s - tak sia2 aku sokong holland tahun ni and euro yang lepas...dapat gak layan street party ngan dutch lady and men masa kat holland nanti...yihaaa.....ORANGE!!!!

The day I did not bring my own camera.

I was on my way back from work. Got a ride on a colleague' s car.
We were on Jalan Syed Putra when we saw two weird vehicles. I was blaming myself for not having my digital camera at that time.
Luckily Lynn has her new cellphone. And it is 2.0 megapix. (better than mine..) So I borrowed her camera and paparazilly took these two photos... With my paparazi skills and Lynn's paparazi driving skills, we managed to get a good shot of the two weird vehicles.

We usually see this sign on PLUS official vehicle or road maintenance lorry from Jabatan Kerja Raya. But for a Kembara?? Maybe the signals are not working or the driver had a bad experience , got knocked few times although signals has been given....who knows..
If there is a need for 4th brake lights, I bet the driver will install the red colored light that we can find on traffic lights .

And this one? Can you notice the word 'besar' on the plate number

Selamba jer........tak pulak kena tahan polis/jpj

Ini producer Roda Impian ke? Very the obsessed the one with the word 'Wang Besar' or in this case 'WNG besar'.

But looking at the car, no doubt the owner is earning wang besar. Maybe that is his lucky plate number or the tok bomoh yang suggest....

ntahapa la diorang ni..

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Worldcup Qiamullail

5.30pm : reached home
5.45pm : solat asar
6.30pm : tidoq
7.30pm : bangun, solat maghrib
7.40pm : tidoq
8.40pm : bangun, main ngan Indah, solat isya'
9.00pm : makan yong tau fu, game KOREA vs TOGO
9.45pm : jemur baju baru basuh from washing machine
10.00pm : game continued , Started office work, IM with Agos in Esso Angola and few friends in the office (Europe hours)
10.50pm : KOREA won 2 -1 -> 1 red card (TOGO)
10.55pm : Continue office work (to avoid being sleepy)
12.00am : game FRANCE vs SWITZERLAND
1.45am : draw 2 kosong i.e 0 - 0 -> 5 yellow cards (SWITZERLAND) 3 yellow cards (FRANCE)
1.50am : Tidoq
2.40am : Bangun, basuh muka, makan nasi goreng ayam
3.00am : BRAZIL vs CROATIA
4.45am : BRAZIL won 1-0.....jeeee??
4.50am : Tidoq
5.35am : Bangun, mandi, prepare to work
6.15am : Left for KLCC from Klang bus stand... zzzzz..........


Monday, June 12, 2006

Arggh...tak leh terima!!

In 8 mins....3 goals from Australia (2 from Cahil).......

I was hoping Japan to win over Australia. Reason: Simple. I dont like OZ in any way...

It was indeed a good game by both side...Japan goalkeper is superb but he is also to be blame on Socceroos 1st goal...
But the rest...Japan simply losing focus....as they try to add more goals...


Sunday, June 11, 2006

Don't underestimate your kid

Indah will soon grow to be a good photographer. Macam KNO 94 .

That, if the quality that she showed in the photos below (which she took, without me knowing) grow as she grows. It was during the our holidays in Terengganu.
Everybody was having a siesta after lunch. But not Indah.
She took my digital camera, explore the camera, and snap 99 shots. Never did I realize that she is capable in operating the digital camera, whatelse taking some 'creative' shots. hehehe

Below are some of the shots..... (and she is 3 yrs 8 months old - don't know whether at this age, it is normal for today's kids)

Wood carpet

Hidung sapa ni??

oo..idung Ayah Adam dia.....candid tgh tido

liquid handwash dispenser

misai pelakon dalam tv

her pencil case

astro remote control

cola candy....artistic view..? maybe? kno bleh judge tak?

her drawings.. mpro bleh judge..lukisan A1 SRP tuuu

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Holiday kat kampung - KT

Aku maleh nak maintain photopages (although it might be easier for abon to browse - see previous post) So aku pun buh la gambar ni kat sini.
How I spent my recent holidaysss in Terengganu...hehehe (of course la byk lagi benda lain aku buat......)

Melentur buluh biar dari rebungnyee...... baru lepas beli telekung kat pasar kedai payang, KT

Berebut nak main slide.. - Kat tepi pantai Batu Burok, KT

Indah and her cousin Fatin Humaira...playing the bubbles kat umah tok di Kampung Binjai Berambu, Kuala Terengganu...

No matter how hard the Abi tried....still belah kiri yang lebih berat.... - kat tepi pantai Batu Burok, KT

Didie Ezral dah kahwin....selamat lagi sorang anak Adam!

Congratulations Chibiuk!!!

Didie Ezral and wife.....duduk tak sama rendah..and of course la diri pun tak sama tinggi..tapi takpe..orang kata murah rezki kan.....amiiinnn

On Saturday, on the way back from Terengganu, I went straight to Chibiuk house for his wedding. He is one of my school mate in MCKK.

When arrived, Badut is already on his way back. I failed to record him as the bestman on that day...(he has another wedding to attend)
I heard that Kalai and Aweng had oso left..

Indah, Haida and I joined Izam and Abon's family. However, we changed table to join epit and mpro (they has just arrived, abon and izam dan kenyang dah....)

Coincidently, mpro pointed out that it was blogger's table. epit and mpro are oso actively blogging. And the other table (where izam and abon were seated) is 'buta IT' table. Abon defended himself by saying,
"Weii...aku dah bukak photopages aa semalam......" hehehhe try lagi abonnn

O.k..back to Chibiuk's wedding..

The crowd from my batch was suam2 kuku..tak berapa cukup korum....Maybe sbb cuti weekend panjang..so ramai yang out of town...

The food - cukuuppp..

The air minum - aiyaakk..yang grape tu manis giler...........

The temperature was €38 degrees...

The atmosphere was like at the Ujibakat AF studios...the karaoke people who endlessly sang the whole list of songs available in the catalogs.......sigh..tatau nak habaq lagu mana lagi...
dah la speaker menghala ke arah kitorang......but yang peliknya tak hujan2 pun... Tahannnn je la tinga...........

I did asked Chibiuk to get mpro to show of his skills....(which aku tak penah tgk) but dia malu....
So melepas la nak dengar mpro nyanyi...

The bride and groom with friends and their wives

Look at the sizes....Baru lima orang.....sib baik makanan cukup...

p/s cuba carik aksi yang boleh disalahtafsir oleh anasir2 jahat....

And aku rasa ni bukan perkahwinan misyar...perkahwinan biasa2 je....chibiuk ni kan ke kaya raya......hehehhee