Sunday, June 11, 2006

Don't underestimate your kid

Indah will soon grow to be a good photographer. Macam KNO 94 .

That, if the quality that she showed in the photos below (which she took, without me knowing) grow as she grows. It was during the our holidays in Terengganu.
Everybody was having a siesta after lunch. But not Indah.
She took my digital camera, explore the camera, and snap 99 shots. Never did I realize that she is capable in operating the digital camera, whatelse taking some 'creative' shots. hehehe

Below are some of the shots..... (and she is 3 yrs 8 months old - don't know whether at this age, it is normal for today's kids)

Wood carpet

Hidung sapa ni??

oo..idung Ayah Adam dia.....candid tgh tido

liquid handwash dispenser

misai pelakon dalam tv

her pencil case

astro remote control

cola candy....artistic view..? maybe? kno bleh judge tak?

her drawings.. mpro bleh judge..lukisan A1 SRP tuuu


iQaH said...

..u rawk!!

KNizam said...

hehehheh pandai indah amik gambar. budak-budak mmg cepat tangkap, kejap je depa boleh main dengan hp let alone camera, ps2 etc etc.

aku rasa ko patut ajar dia macro function kat camera tuh. so that the lubang hidung shot will be more clearer....hehehehe. she'll be amazed ....

PrincessRen said...

wow... good exposure. u shud buy her a digi cam.. let her xpose when they r still young. let them xplore their creativity :D

Bamboo Stick said...

Like father like 'daughter'!!! But I think she is smarter than her Abi :-P Smarto Indah!

abu_harraz said...

iQah - u pop rawk! lama tak dgr kabar berita

kno - camera aku basic je..mana ada macro fucntion. cuma kena ajar jgn goyang and too near to the object..
camera 1.2 mgpxel jer tu...cybershot lamaaa

princessren - kang terlebih creative kang, amik gamabr aku candid, and upload masuk photopages dia sendiri...hehehe

bamboo - biasa la...cuma nanti nak make sure dia bleh update that u can read her entry...