Friday, March 31, 2006

My biggest blog

I had a very stressed but boring meeting this whole morning.
From 8.30am to Noon on the most dry subject on earth : Document controls and Risk Assesment.
And we only achieved 20 % than what we have anticipated to achieve for this morning meeting.

After the meeting was adjourned, and everyone has left the meeting room, I stayed for a while, thinking about the action items, the next plan and so on.
Banyak nye keja..maleh betul la buat benda ni..
Then suddenly I remembered my blog. While browsing others blog, I got this idea to make my blog big. How?
I connected the projector to my laptop and....heheehe....poofffff! the biggest blog appear!!! yay!!!

p/s - nak gi masjid.....bentang sejadah

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Telecommunication Today

When I was a small kid, there's no handphone in this world. And not every home has fixed line telephone.
Telecommunication in Malaysia has grown tremensdously over the 20 years...the same rate as my growth..if not less.

Telekom Malaysia is now called TM. Bambang Pamungkas (Indonesian footballer) pun masuk our phone advertisment. Our parliament is debating on handphone usage among school. Budak sekolah ada yang tak tau pakai public phone. Streamyx is not the only service provider for broadband . I can now do voice talk thru my pc and it' s free.

Nowadays, SMS play a major role in telecommunication. Malaysian spent billion2 a year on SMS. They are now too dependent on SMS. Nak suh pick up - SMS, nak cerai - SMS, nak ugut - SMS, nak menggatal - SMS, nak beli tiket wayang - SMS, nak vote to-be artist - SMS, nak bagi artist award - SMS, nak bayar bill - SMS. and 1001 SMS usage.

I went to bakal rumah (maybe kot) Siti Nurhaliza lunch tadi. Ada Toys R Us kat situ...
My partners in crime and me spent time at Toys R Us.
I found this one toy amusing...
A gadget for SMSing - tak payah bayar your service provider. free...SMS la sampai mampos..tapi tak leh AFUNDI la...
However on the packaging, it did not mention the distance it could cover.

And the below one is even more interesting....Sending message to your friend thru your wrist watch. for budak2, memang cool. May be iQah bleh pakai for her phy6 n chem exam....hehehhe

Actually, boleh ke amik gambar dalam Toys R Us??

Monday, March 27, 2006

Konvo Cikgu Haida

Last Saturday I attended cikgu Haida's convocation at Maktab Perguruan Teknik Cheras. Alhamdulillah, she graduated with cemerlang overall and among the 4 who got cemerlang for practical for sekolah rendah. Bravo!! aku plak yg lebey...hehehe
The event, as expected was ssooo dragging...(ye la konvo mana yg tak dragging kan?) I punyelah boring...dah siap terlelap dah..

While waiting, I flipped thru the convocation booklet and found this...

Yes, two of the teachers were graduated in 'Pengajian Penyaman Udara'.
Anyone who graduated in this must be very 'cool' .
I dont know that you can graduate in air cond. hehe...
Sib baik takde "Pengajian Seterika" or "Pengajian Penyedut Hamapagas". Hehehe

Back to the convo story.
Nothing much to say but I suprised Cikgu Haida with a bouquette of roses. 5 roses for year 2005. Presented by Indah.
Dulu masa dia grad degree, aku yg bagi. So this time biar lah Indah bagi.

Mula2 saje je kata tanak bagi sbb diploma, bukan master punn..(acah je...tak suprise laa..)
Tapi takpe la..bukan senang nak dapat diploma perguruan. Kalau sepenuh masa, macam2 kena buat wooo..
Dia punye ko kurikulum, class seharian dari 8 pagi sampai 4 petang, teaching aids nak prepare, and assigments.
Buat diploma dalam 11 bulan termasuk practical. Memang padat.
Lagi2 pulak ada anak kan..memang kena byk berkorban.

So for all those reasons, and result dia pun ok, I pun dengan ikhlas and bangganya bagi la bunga tu...

To Cikgu Haida Fatimah Hashim, Diploma Perguruan, Kursus Perguruan Lanjutan Ijazah - Sains Sekolah Rendah -


Saturday, March 25, 2006

Skali kena tag daaaaa....

Allamaakkk.....I've been tagged by iQah. << notty sgt ni!

Sib baik la tag dia ni bleh di jawab. kalau kena tag cam ET ari tu...hampeh..pasal books..mana la byk sgt buku aku baca...Sori aaa ET

So here it goes..

Four (latest) jobs I've had:
1. Application Programmer/System Analyst
2. Technical Support - Server Operations
3. Operation Acceptance
4. Security n Controls

Four movies (+ 1) I can watch over and over:
1. Adam Sandler's
2. P. Ramlee movies
3. GodFather series
4. Any movie that my wife can watch until the end of the story
5. The Replacements

Four places I've lived:
1. in my mom's tummy
2. Kuala Kangsar
3. Shah Alam
4. Desa Pandan

Four TV shows I love:
1. Ah-Ha
2. Jejak Rasul
3. Footbal Live Telecast kalau Selangor main
4. Macam2 Aznil - budak2 dlm tu comel2
Actually, lately memang jarang sgt tengok tv. Ada astro pun tak sentuh. Balik umah dah kul bape.........isk...

Four places I've vacationed:
1. Sydney
2. Langkawi
3. Redang
4. Madinah and Makkah (Umrah n vacation)

Four of my favorite dishes:
1. pajri terung
2. All sorts of ulam especially jantung pisang n sambal blacan - melelehhhhh...
3. ayam kampung rempah goreng garing2
4. yg my wife macakk/buat...uishhh..slurrrppp

Four sites I visit daily:
1. << best woo blog ni
2. online newspapers
3. other ppls blog - especially those linked to my blog
4. babelfish word translater
Nak kena mention ke online casino, gambling and pornography sites yang aku slalu masuk tu?? oppsss.... >:)

Four places I would rather be right now:
1. kat umah bandar puteri
2. Makkah
3. A Resort in an isolated island
4. Atas bini - opps...censored..atas katil....

Four x 2 = 8 bloggers I am tagging:
1. bola2api
2. orang-orang
3. mpro
4. princessren
5. eddie
6. johnlabu
7. serangkai 7-2
8. konot

pdn muke..bwahaha

Friday, March 24, 2006

Kesiaaannn...tak patut...

You guys remember Adi Putra? The then 6 years old genius kid whos hocked the whole nation with his ability to solve mathematics equation and complex problems? The level of complexity is as the same as in PHD level. (lagi susah daripada add math? hehhe..apa kellas add math..)

He is now in standard one in one of gov schools.In the beginning I was very sceptic on the idea to put him into standard one. Everyday he has to learn 1,2,3, 1+2 = 3 and so on, while on reality, he is a kid who has developed his own logic in solving complex mathematics equation.

We know that our government will support a six year old kid who is doing well in sports. Millions of dollars, will be forked out from our pocket (tax) in order to provide the kid with best facilities, coaches, diets, etc.

But why when it comes to one-in-a-million bright kid, who have high potential to become one of the world genius, the gov does not have a special program to encourage the kid in exploring and discovering his best.

Why must enroll this poor kid in a normal school, with the curriculum meant for majorities? He certainly need special attention and guidance.

And what I feared most has come true.

Adi Putra mungkin dibuang sekolah

In today's Utusan Malaysia front page, the kid might be expelled from school.
Reason: Regular absentism due to boredome yang menyerang di bilik darjah.
Sian dia........dah rugi berapa bulan dah.....
Aku sedeyy...
Sebab aku dulu pun cam dia..aku tau la perasaan diaa....uhukk..uhukk....
Aku hampir2 jadi genious in sexual education - anak murid Sigmund Freaud (betul ke eja nama mamat ni?)

Ni suma pasal harga minyak naik la ni..isk.... (saje selingan)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Headache with Malaysian Commuters

Everyday i uses public transport to office. To me it is convenient.
U can sleep and dream your way to KL. And when you open your are physically in KL. hehehehe

And going back time..same thing
You are tired. A nap would reenergize you when you reach home to meet and entertain your family.

I have been commuting for 5 years from klang to KL by public transport.
I have seen how the public transport system growing over the years.....(tapi growth dia sembab dan lembab la sket)

More efficient nowadays. More convenient. More accurate (timing wise)

With the recent launched of Rapid KL intracity service and the unpopular fuel price hike, it makes me think twice to drive cars nowaday.

Eventhough there is always room for improvement, I am pretty much OK on the infrastructre or services of public transporation . Boley laa..tak byk problem..

However, not all aspects would not easily improve..

What I could not tolerate is the mentality of the commuters.....tak reti nak beratur naik bas...tu yg kadang2 buat aku give up and tension...

Sib baik pintu bas tu besi. Kalau kayu dah lama dah koyak

Masa aku skolah dulu, pandai je beratur naik bas....takde pun gado2 ngan kawan2.. Tapi aku penah bape kali sound mulut ngan org2 tak reti bahse..

Bleh tak, kaki aku dah pijak tangga bas, then tup tup...ada org mencelah, masuk bawah ketiak (tgn aku pegang railing tangga bas tu aaa) and menyelit..macam la bas tu dah penuh..tak sempat2..Aku apa lagi..dgn brutalnye, using my ultra heavy body mass, tolak dia..terduduk kat tangga bas tu...then aku pun buat2 la tak nampak dia..siap cakap..oppsss....hehehehe

kira logic la...aku tgh nak naik bas, then dia dtg menyelit...logic la aku mcm tak perasan dia kan??dia pun siap cakap sori...heheheh..menjadi tactic aku...

tu baru satu citer..lum lagi makcik2 nak tarik anak2 dia berantai..anak dah besor plak tu..F5 pun ada....isk...

tu belum lagi citer suma org kat depan buat bodo je ada org pregnant, tua tak dapat duduk..bukan nak bagi...last2 aku gak kena bagi..huhu...

Bukan aku tak iklhas nak bagi seat aku..cuma geram ngan org2 depan tu...bagila dulu...nanti kalau ada yg lain, aku bagi la seat aku pulak..May be diorang tak pk kalau anak or wife or mak bapak diorang kena cam tu....What goes around comes around tau...

Ok .lah..cukup lah mengomel...

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Look abi!!! my black eyes went closer to each other!!

Indah got a new skill today. ntah mana dia blaja, aku pun tatau...

Ada keja byk sket ni. Takde masa nak buat post panjang2.


Minimize your activities under the hot sun

Do we realize that the sun rays nowadays are very hazardous?
Look at photo below.

I left the first receipt (the not-so-white one) on my dashboard for one whole day.
To my suprise, the receipt has turned into a burnt-like colour.

That was on my car dashboard, with the tinted film.
What if it is direct sunlight? On your bare skin? Even worse on your baby's/kid's bare skin?
Is it safe? In a long term?

Sapa mau beli losyen? dalam catalog tupperware ada mcm2 lotion... sila order kat hucs..

order jgn x order
order jgn x order
order jgn x order
order jgn x order

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Can not upload photo!

X-( :-P :(> :P~ x( :-& >:P >:) :(( :-O :[-(

This is a show of protest to the goblok blogger!!!!

These are the only 'pictures' that I can 'draw'/'attach' in my blog.

Have prepared two post but could not upload the photos!! The writings will not stand on their own without the photos.

Feel very pissed off!!!
Wasted my time only!!!!!! Fed up...try esok je lah..

Sib baik free.....grrrr!!!!


p/s anyone has problem to update photo recently???

Friday, March 17, 2006

Please dont eat here my friend....for your safety

I stumbled on one of the scariest restaurant on earth.
Of course I was not there to eat. Just passing by the corridor has already made me feel uneasy.
However, the people in the premise looks like good people.
The owner must be very brave (and confident) to use the name for his restaurant. Maybe he has the backup needed.
Maybe it is for privacy or to ensure others to stay away from their 'hide-out'.

The strange thing is, why dont the police take some action? Are they afraid too??

I heard that Sarip Dol from Kampung Dusun is one of the stake holder of the restaurant.
Among the favorite songs in the premise are Gangsta's Paradise by Coolio (betul ke) and Samseng by Ahli Fiqir.

The photo below was taken at 6.45am, when everyone in the premise are busy to start the business for the day.
I was lucky that I'm still in one piece. Took the risk so that you guys would be able to see this photo....
And my advice - Please stay away 'kay...

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Sorry, wrong direction given.....

In conjuction with the school holidays, I took two days leave to entertain cikgu haida and indah.

Yesterday, the whole day, we went out, shopping, jalan-jalan and visiting friends' houses.

One of the house is in Taman Puncak Jalil in Puchong/Bukit Jalil area. My wife's friend had given birth to a one day old baby boy.
It was our first time to that area. The road condition was very bad. We got confused with the initial direction, so we gave her a second call.

And the direction given was, " Aaa..terus je, nanti nampak orang jual pau. Then nampak Tadika Mawar Merah"

Sounds very straight forward and easy huh?

I saw one pau seller....and made a left turn. Tried to find Tadika Mawar Merah. Found more than 10 tadika/kindergartens but none was Tadika Mawar Merah. Then I made the second call, and confirm that it is Jalan 1/4 instead of all the Jalan 2/xxxxxes.....

I got out from the area and try to find another pau seller..sigh.....nampak org jual burger ader ler..
biar betull..pau ke burger??
Finally, I saw another pau seller. And right behind it is the Tadika Mawar...
Pheww.....Sib baik there's only two pau seller....kalau takk......Makan pau la sambil carik rumah

Moral of the story, if someone is coming to your house, please put your self in their shoes when giving direction

Then, the second house...
Again, poor direction was given..

Ada ke dia kata , " Jalan straight je...ada byk2 simpang..pandai2 la agak..... Then Ikut je keta yang banyak 2 tu..."
" Nanti jumpa jalan besar, nampak Petronas. Ada dua station. First one boleh nampak, and the second one, tak leh nampak. haa...u buat la u-turn kat Petronas yang tak nampak tu.."

What the mangkuk tingkat...??

Hahahahaha.......gilo apo? Tak penah aku dapat org bagi direction mcm ni..hehehe

1.Kalau aku pandai2, tak payah la aku tepon hang..
2. At that time , there were not much cars...I can say no car at all. So how am I going to follow "keta yang byk2 tu?"
3. Kalau aku tak nampak Petronas ner aku nak buat u-turn??

Yang bestnye...bila dah sampai kat area tu..she said, "u can park anywhere. In front of the carwash tu kira dekat. "

So, "in front of the carwash" I parked. Carried Indah to level 3 using the stairs, just to realize that something is wrong...Apsal nombor rumah dia tak sama???
Oh my god??? salah block kot...?? Then I realized, it is not THE mentioned carwash. It was the OTHER carwash. There were more than one carwash at that area!!! ...Astaghfirullahalazimm.....
Apa punye direction niii...???

Moral of the story again......same as above..maleh nak cakap bykk...


Saturday, March 11, 2006

Again..the 30 sen issue

I dont know who they are.. :) Their identities are protected as I believe they are all minors

I love this photo.

It was taken after the Friday prayer, during the peaceful demonstration for protesting the fuel price hike.
Dr Hatta and Nasharudin is leading the crowd, marching from KLCC mosque to Dataran Petronas where FRU is waiting for them.
At least two helicopters were also seen.
The protest ended when the FRU used the water cannon to disperse the crowd at around 4.15pm, in front of Petronas Twin Tower.

Our TPM ask the people of Malaysia to change their way of life. I agree with that. But is he changing his lifestyle as well? Are the people in the cabinet change their lifestyle? I dont think so..
They still receive their paid vacation, transportation allowance and so on. I dont believe there's a pay cut or allowance cut imposed to them.

They dont feel a pinch from this 30 sen issue. They will retain their lavish lifestyle hence the fuel price hike.....
But I do! If I'm efficient enuff in using petrol, I still need to pay around RM 60-70 extra a month!!! That is only daily usage and no extra usage like jalan2 and so on!!!
And that's why I couldn't agree more when they protested this...

Pak Lah said, the money will be used for development of the country.
There are so many avenues to save money and if they put people as priority, increasing the oil price should not be in the list.
I dont want to elaborate more....

And to me, this is not about politics....This is about amanah or trust that were given to them, to administer our country's natural resources.
The oil is OUR property. It is not Petronas's nor the ruling goverment's. We just have to understand this fact.

Misuse of office equipment

This is a strobe light. The word F I R E must be there for a reason. Yes, the light is meant for urgency and emergency.
Everyone knows that if this light is blinking, then some serious attention must be given.
It was last seen blinking few months back for our fire drill. And blinked again.
The thought of evacuating the building, 11 floor down thru the staircase made me cursing...


I was looking at my umbrella and jogging shoes....Should I bring them down as well? From past experience, the weather outside is a major me at least
Everyone was 1/2 panic. Should they evacuate or waite for instruction?
Suddenly, the PA system started to broadcast some noises..

"siiiyyyynncckkkkkgggqqqqqqqq........" that high frequency sound, when someone goes near to a microphone...
"Your attention please! Your attention please!
" This is a reminder for the Employee Forum. All Employees and Direct Hire Contractors are invited. Please be seated and Mandarin Hotel Grand Ballroom by 9.20 am"

Laaaaa........ buat announcement pasal employee forum...
Buat saspen jeeee....ingat ada bom ke apa ke...

But isn't that a misuse of tools? Ini dah kira melanggar etika kebombaan ni...
iQah mesti tau..dia kadet does radin ..huahuahuahua..

The next time the strob light blinks, I dont think people will give serious attention anymore..
Hopefully, the misuse of this equipment will not become worse in future.

The sound like " Attention to Eileen. Attention to Ecah. Please meet me at the lobby for our lunch date today. Oh ya, by the way I'm the guy who sent the flowers this morning" or similar announcement is the last thing I wanna hear..


Monday, March 06, 2006

We should be grateful..

"Ucaplah alhamdulillah, Syukur kita kepada Allah" - raihan

I was doing my work, when my wife turned on the tv to watch TV3 Bersamamu edisi Khas - Final.
I have heard too many comments that tried to belittle TV3 effort on conducting this programme
Some people yang tak paham hujung pangkal of this program said,
"exploiting the unfortunate"
"menangguk di air keruh"
"nak tolong orang pun nak masuk tv"
"mesti ada udang di sebalik batu"
"saje je buat org menangis dalam program tu..padahal nak naikkan rating"

Whatever they said, if you watch the programme and the impact it has to the people, you will be touched. My hat's off to TV3. Kudos for the effort and ideas..

For those who always like to critics, please laaa...what have you done to this group of people? Dont easily condemn others if you yourselve did nothing!

I was very3x touched with the issues brought up by the program especially when the episode is about kids. How strong they are and yet confused, angry, need attention, frustrated and so on.

Kids are kids, and they do express their feeling openly.
There's one episode where one of the younger siblings, scribbled her emotions on the wall of their house, just to remind her to obey her elder sister who sacrifies a lot for the family (mother and then the step mom died).
They asked the person who scribbled to read it out loud, but she refused. Then they made the sister to read it and then everyone was in tears as the wordings are very sincere...
It was one of the saddest episode....:`(

And I always made Indah to watch the program so that she could understand that we should always be grateful.

Tonite episode is the closing for this season. First Malaysian Idol was there to sang her song, Wajah.
This song has all the right wording and melody to make stop from my work, and focus on the lyric.....
Below is the lyric, hope you guys can step back and muhasabah that we will always bersyukur dalam apa jua keadaan.
Insya Allah..

Penyanyi: Jaclyn Victor

Komposer: Othman Mohamad
Penulis lirik: Habsah Hassan

Berbumbungkan angkasa kelabu
Lantainya bumi retak seribu
Setiap langkah perjalananmu
Beronak berliku

Betapa berat mata memandang
Berat bahu menggalas bebanan
Belum sempat menitis ke pipi
Tangisan kering sendiri

Berkali tersungkur
Pandanganmu kabur
Namun azam meneruskan hidup
Tak pernah luntur

Engkaulah perwira
Di medan derita
Merentasi ranjau kehidupan
Dengan harapan

Luahan rasa derita jiwa
Pada wajah tiada rahsia
Menunggu malang berganti tuah
Usah kau berputus asa
Kaulah wira

Ok ke design blog ni?? cam taakkkk je..

When I first started blogging, I dont really care on the design. I am too busy to think on the design.

That's why until now, I only concentrate on the posts and try to make it as regular as possible.

But the survey below has a different result...hehehe

Your Blogging Type is Kind and Harmonious

You're an approachable blogger who tends to have many online friends.
People new to your blogging circle know they can count on you for support.
You tend to mediate fighting and drama. You set a cooperative tone.
You have a great eye for design - and your blog tends to be the best looking on the block!

My Paparazzi skills...

Last weekend, I was busy and full for the whole Sat and Sun. My cousin (same age, male) got married.
On Sat was the nikah ceremony and followed by the bersanding ceremony three hours later.
The bride house is in Keramat AU4.

The day went well.....and the knot were finally tied...Alhamdulillah....bertambah lagi masjid kat mesia ni..

Usually kan, bila ceremony dah habish kan...the bride will throw the hand bouquet and berebut2 anak2 dara sambut. kononnye will be next bride laa... tu kalau tgk tv omputih malaysia pun ada gak yang buat...

Tapi... my brother lagi power...he got to be 'on the bride's shoes'

How did that happened?

His sandals went missing when he left them outside the bride house. After searching for more than 15 minutes, we concluded, his sandals could not be saved. Poor him..

The bride heard the problem and guess what...she let my brother to have her slippers as replacement. suma orang tengok and heran. kira adik aku stole the limelight of the bride and groom sekejap aaa..

dalam keta, aku pun start jadi sarcastic....

"Orang pegi majlis kawin, dpt bride punye bunga hand bouquet, ada org dapat selipar.."

The photo below is my best shot of the my attempts to capture him wearing the bride's slippers.
He kept running away from me as he know I would post it in my blog....MUAHAHAHAHA...

Bleh join paparazzi ni...

Trying his best to fit his size 8 feet into size 6 shoes and also escaping from a novice paparazzi

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Piccadilly Reunion???

Remember Piccadilly at Atria, Damansara? For some people it would mean nothing, but for some others it surely did ring a bell.
This place was very popular to the teens back in mid 90s.
The saturday Hi-Tea was always crowded with teens as the admission fee is as low as RM 13 if not mistaken. (Tapi kira mahal laa bagi aku)

As for me, I used to go to Picad after my SPM (zaman jahilliyah sket la masa tu)

When I first went there, it was just suka2 following my friends. That was before I continue my studies in PPP. I was working in gillette-oral-B-kilometrico factory in shah alam after my SPM. So, that's how I got the money to spend. Nak harap mak bapak..siapa nak bagi kalau utk gi enjoy? hehehe
I was going there with no purpose...just to feel the experince.

When I was in PPP Shah Alam, I continued my visit to Picad and some other club such as Pyramid Supper Club (dah tak wujud dah bangunan tuu), Life Center and few others.
But my visit is with purpose (alasan), to support the underground alternatives rock group and also to meet up with my school friends who were then in local universities or colleges.
At that time there weren't many alternatives rock groups (Nirvana time)
Some that I can recall are Butterfingers (All members are my classmates and schoolmate except for Emmet the leading singer), Subculture, Splatters, OAG, mangosteen, and this one all-girls-band and banyak la lagi..tak ingat ler..

How did these stories popped up today?

I was reading The Malay Mail this morning and saw an article saying Radhi (OAG) is planning for a reunion for the people of Picad in mid 90s.
For me, of course I will not go for the reunion as my intention last time is to support Butterfingers and meeting friends. That's all. I only went to Butterfingers gigs.
I will go to the clubs where Butterfingers was playing.

I dont know the motive for this reunion but I think it is a waste of time and money.
Orang suma dah besor panjang, and like me dah 'cuci tangan' from all these. The place where I wasted my youth days and money.

And I thank god, I did not continue with the same lifestyle anymore, and hope that I will always change to be a person, husband and father.

Enuff is enuff....but I still luv 'butter' music....hehehe...

My hope is, my kids will not follow my footstep. Nothing to be proud for involving in this kind of activities. There are more other beneficial activity which warrant the energy that the youth's have. iQah is one good example. I need to learn from her how her parents guided her to be who she is now. I shall adopt the good points and nurture my kids to have this mindset. To be a useful youth when the community need them most!!!

I dont blame anyone for not 'guiding' me. Zaman tu memang kesedaran kurang sket..biasa...apa yg kita perlu buat skang is berubah..sikit2 pun takpe..

Lama2 ok least ada perubahan..kan?