Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Newly invented tools...and it worked...well..

Malay proverb ada kata "Rotan tak ada, akar pun berguna juga"

That was what happened to me tonite. I was preparing for a conference call and suddenyl noticedI could not use my handphone (earphone tertinggal)
So, in that urgent moment (5 minutes before the conference call start) I used my MacGyver imagination and skill...and voila!!....below photo is the result.

Nanti I nak patent, and sapa nak bleh order....okay?

Selangor headband ikat kat phone...kewl gak...cam tuk batin nye anak sedara

There goes my yearly budget for 2006...

Kalau dulu satu tank penuh around RM 60.00, today onwards will be RM 72.00. And that is one full tank. Monthly, my car consume around 5 - 6 full tank.

If 5 full tanks a month, it will be an increase of RM 60 a month!! (12 x 5)
Yes, of course, I'm talking about the talk of the day, or should I say the talk of the week?
Petrol hike is 30sen per litre starting today. Nak cakap byk pun tak guna.

When I arrived office today, everyone is talking about it.

Amelia : Eh, you tau tak petrol naik tiga posen?
Hucs : Tau..which for me translated to RM 60 to 80 per month!!. And that is average usage.
Amelia : Tu laa...I'm thinking of car pooling laa. tak pun naik lrt, park kat mana2 ke..
Azleen : Hmm...nak naik lrt tu yg maleh...tiring tau..
Hucs : Aku dah 5 tahun naik lrt..badan semangat gak lagi..hehehe..tapi actually naik keta lagi tiring...naik bas bleh tido
Raveen : u guys are talking about the petrol hike eh? I used to spend only RM 10 pegi balik office
Hucs : Sori aa.....that is history..
Hucs : Proton savvy punye sales mesti boom punyelah lepas2 ni....
Raveen : Yeah..Savvy is very economical.
Amelia : Ye ke?
Raveen : Hmm..of course la...but kancil lagi jimat
Hucs : Honda pun OK apa...
Amelia : Honda? Lebih kurang ler..mana ada beza..i pakai city kannn...
Hucs : Honda Cup laaa..
Raveen : Ya la..need to be back on motorcyle
Hucs : That one kalau petrol naik pun I tak heran.
Rizana : I rasa I kena start naik komuter ni.
Hucs : Rizana naik commuter? Bleh masuk blog ni...hehehe
Rizana : betul I thought about it just now and it's worth having to buy a decent walking shoes than paying an extra 30 sen a liter for petrol
Hucs : Hmm betul tu..

Besides being more calculative when using the car, what else can we do?
Any idea, please share with me....Mana nak korek duit lagi ni??..baru je buat budget tahunan...isk..isk..

Petrol up 30 sen
The price of petrol and diesel is up by 30 sen a litre effective today, the highest increase in the past two years.
However, the Prime Minister's Department, in a statement, said that this would be the only increase for the year.
Public transport and commercial vehicle operators only face a 15 sen rise for diesel.
"The Government has decided to introduce a direct subsidy for these operators, making up 84% of diesel users, through a fleet card scheme," the statement stated.
"With the card they will be able to buy diesel at 15 sen less per litre than the new price.
"The Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry has sent out letters to the operators who qualify for this scheme."
The Prime Minister's Department also said the savings from the price increase would be used "to pay for development projects and improving the public transport system for the benefit of all people."
The decision to increase the price of fuel was to overcome the impact of rising crude oil prices and to curb the increase in subsidies paid by the Government.
The announcement was made in a statement from the Prime Minister's Department at 10.30pm yesterday.
The retail price for petroleum products is being raised because last year the amount of subsidy borne by the Government was RM7.41bil whereas tax exemption stood at RM7.85bil.
"The burden of subsidy and tax exemption borne by the Government from January to February this year was RM1.19bil and RM1.44bil respectively," the statement said.
The statement said that without the government's subsidy and tax exemption, the retail price of these products in March would have been higher.
Without the subsidy and tax exemption, the price of RON 97 in the peninsula would be RM2.46 a litre, RON 92 RM2.37 a litre, diesel RM1.98 a litre and LPG RM3.21 a kg.
In Sabah, RON 97 petrol without subsidy and tax exemption would be RM2.45 a litre, RON 92 RM2.37 a litre, diesel RM1.97 a litre and LPG RM3.35 a kg.
In Sarawak, the price of RON 97 petrol without subsidy and tax exemption would be RM2.45 a litre, RON 92 RM2.36 a litre, diesel RM1.97 a litre and LPG RM3.34 a kg.
"Although the Government is raising the price of petroleum products, diesel and LPG, the price of petrol and diesel in Malaysia is still cheaper than in other Asean countries except Brunei," the statement said.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Waa....you love your brother so much aaaa?

At my office desk, there’s a photo of me, on an oil platform, on the off shore of northen terengganu.
It was a chance of a lifetime to visit off shore platform. It was way back in February 2001.
Working in an oil and gas company, it was like a dream come true to visit offshore platform by chopper.
The reason I put the photo there is because I’m so proud that I had given the chance to put my feet on the offshore platform.
Anyone who visited my desk did not comment on the offshore platform experience. Most would paused, and asked "who is that guy in this photo?” or Is that you??”
Yes, the photo was taken 5 years ago and 15kg lesser than what I am now!!
I used to jog nearly everyday , not less than 3km a day for almost a year between 2000 - 2001.
And now..what?? jogging?? 400 mtrs? goshhh....100mtrs can laaaah....hehehe

The worst comment so far was “I wonder why he put another man’s photo at his desk?”
And I tell you, that was a genuine naive comment from an Indian lady colleague.

Nowadays, when I see people put up their confused face after looking at the photo, I would voluntarily say " Yeah..it's my brother. It's his last photo before he jumped off"

Our Media, Big Foot and Big Mac

Kenapa payah sgt nak carik big foot?
adakah dia anak murid ayah pin ?(sbb ayah pin pun susah nak carik)
or adakah dia tu ayah pin yang memakai costume big foot?
Tapi yg paling best dua2 masih belum dijumpai.
Mungkin big foot pun ada kerajaan langit?
Sebab tu suma org carik tak jumpa.

But again, why is all the fuss over big foot?

Tak lain tak bukan, media. And our life is being controlled by media.
What ever media wants us to think, then they will do a mass broadcast.
So many other issues need to be highlighted, other than big foot.

For example Big Mac. How dangerous Big Mac and Co. to our health?
Recent study by McDonalds Corporation themselves, showed that their products contained double or triple the amount of trans fat, than they claimed before.
Trans Fat is very dangerous as it is very hard to be digested by our body.
The molecular structure is very stable and firm. And it will remain as fat in our body, unlike normal fat.
Trans fat can be found in sausage, burgers, some fries, nugget, oil and fillet.
To read more about the hazardous trans fat, launch your browser, and find 'trans fat'..then...baca sendirilah..

Moral of the story, why must sibuk2 pasal big foot? Other agenda are more important such as public health or Renaissance Hotel Managements' mental health.

I'll blog more on the Renaissance Hotel thingy in future post...

Indah dah okeyyy..yay!!!

Thank you.

That is the best word that I must say to all people who have been asking for Indah.
All the comments in this blog, SMSes, phone calls and visits while Indah was recuperating did help.
Thanks for being there, for Indah and us.

Indah is now as healthy as before. Like nothing happened. Alhamdulillah.
She was very energetic after she regained her energy.
Standing on the mattres, talking loudly, singing, hopping on one leg in the hospital room and many more.
Luckily the drip was still atached to her. Kalau tak, dah keluar bilik gamaknye...
Although it required an effort to control her, deep inside, I was very relieved. (betul ke spelling ni?)
Her hyper-active behaviour did not end there..It continued for few days. I told my wife, " Ni macam terlebih dadah ni..doctor kasik ectasy kot.."
Seriously..she talked, singing, monolog non stop unitl she fell asleep. Then continued the cycle..up to 3 days..hehehehe

This post is dedicated to all who have shown their concern and sent their well-wishes.
And for the visitors and the hospital, mintak halal lah coklat2 yg bagi kat indah, coz Indah tak nak..
Abi dia la makan...heheheheh

Tapi satu aku heran. Indah dapat Barbie Doll dari Che Che (my cousin). Kids nowadays got barbie doll when the are sick izit?

Fellow bloggers/netters
wanf a.k.a wanp

SMSs and phone calls
Da Da (Asyaari)
Che Che (Cousin)
Ibu Shasha
Tok Tganu
Cik Ika
Cik Farah
Cikgu Zunita
Ami (Asyaari wife)

Visitors...(Although there was a sign on the door that read "Limited Visitor")
Tok Wan
Pak Su
Hannah, Mak Yong and Pak Long
Nek Ijah, Tok Kamal At Farah
Mak Long Yati and Pak Long Din
Suhaila, Mak Ngah Idah and Pak Ngah Wan
Mak Su Ina
Che Siti
La and Shahril
Baby Aris, Che Azie and Uncle Isma
Che Che and Nek Ani
Ayah De Jamal and gopren

And the nurses and doctors, both in DEMC and SJMC. Not to forget, the two abang ambulance
Tima kassseeyyyyy.........

p/s kenapa x leh upload gambar ni? dah try mcm lynn suggest, tapi cam x logic je sbb coding tu tak ckp kat mana path gambar yg kita nak upload. anyone having problem upload gambar to blog? or mmg ada quota??

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Picnic at Subang Jaya Medical Center

This morning Indah got up early as she was so excited to go to Sungai Congkak.
Yes, we planned for a picnic with my sister's family and my aunt's family.

Initially, everything went well, until we arrived at Kota Kemuning, my sister's house.
Indah started to complaint on her stomach discomfort.

Indah : Ummi, Indah sakit perut laaa...
Hucs : Nanti kita buh minyak ek..
Indah : Tak nak..takpe..biar je..nanti baik...

I tot it was a normal morning stomach discomfort. And dia pun belum makan apa lagi.

But then, she started to vomit..from 8:45am..until.......9.30 am..
She continously vomit...non stop!!!

First....out go the smarties that she ate earlier....
Next..nothing else, except lendir and kuning/hijau thingy....(something from the hempedu)
And then the worse part came....She started to throw-out reddish, thick liquid....and of course.... it's blood!!!! From 9.30am to 10am - All thick red liquid!!!
So scarry!!
And she was also purging at the same time!!!
She was very weak...nangis pun tak sgt sbb no energy..
And while were preparing to bring her to hospital...she was still vomiting continously.....
Bawak bekas dalam keta and we headed for Darul Ehsan Medical Center in Sek 9 Shah Alam.

At the hospital...In the emergency room. 10am..still vomiting...

The doctor try to stabilize her condition...
Put on the drip to her. At this point she was crying in pain..... :(
So sad to watch her when I helplessly doing nothing, except gosok2 badan dia...

She was given sedative to make her rest so that she can stop vomiting.

Doctor : Saya bagi dia lali sikit sbb tak nak dia muntah lagi sbb perut dia dah luka. Maybe dah gastric sbb kosong sgt, and she still teran, Tu yang darah tu....

Hucs : What does the blood means? Is it dangerous or serious?

Doctor : We need to take her blood sample and we might refer her to Subang Jaya Medical Center as we dont have the facilties to monitor her (ICU) should her condition become worse...
And we want to send her now , rather than sending her at more critical condition. It is not fair for the receiving hospital.

Hucs : Whatever doctor, as long as that is the best.

Doctor : Ok then..Nurse, prepare the ambulance to refer patient to SJMC. Nanti awak jgn 'kejar' ambulan tu tau...(doc warned me)

It was indeed a very bad scene. Watching Indah lying semi-conciously with the oxygen mask and the drip was really heart-breaking. However, at least she could rest and stop vomiting.
Thank God!!!
Thank you Allah...

I watched Indah and Haida boarded the ambulance with a very very ..tak-tau-nak-habaq... feeling...
Seddiiiihhh...sayuu...sangat.. ...
And watching the ambulance sped off, with my two most beloved people on earth in it.....I almost cried......:'( Tak bleh ckp byk la bab ni...sedey ler..

At SJMC....

I arrived at Subang Jaya Medical Center 10 minutes later (As I was warned by the doctor not to try to 'kejar' the ambulance ). Indah has already receiving treatment in the ER.

Then we waited for almost an hour to get a bed. Indah got the 2 bedded room (not qualify for the single bedded room according to ExxonMobil Medical Plan...)
And after 1 hour Indah was admitted, the other person in the room was discharged. Kira bilik sorang la skang...ok la tuu..

And after everything settled, Indah continued her sleep (she has been drowsy since in the ambulance, de to the sedative)

Then, my sis came with all the foods that we prepared for picnic....

So..picnic kat SJMC lah kita.......

p/s - blogspot ni nak kena ni...dah 7-8 kali upload gambar, x leh gak... grrrr..

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Awek punye pasal..4 suami org jadi kartun

The walking distance between Menara ExxonMobil to BSN HQ in Jalan Ampang is toleratable.
It should be a short 13 mins walk and straight to the point.
However, today, because of this awek ntah dari mana ntah….tiba2 muncul,
the journey became a long and tiring journey – thanks to Ch

How was the history created....

At 11.45am, Hucs, De, Ch and Gd met at the lobby. We decided to go to BSN for our lunch.
After walking for 5 mins, we bumped into an awek who approached us for direction.

Awek : Nak Tanya sikit boleh?
Gd : Tanya banyak pun takpe …
Awek : (giggling..) cam ner nak gi Menara UOA?
Ch : Lalu belakang ni and masuk bawah tu (KLCC convention center), terus ke AQUARIA and naik escalator, kelaur and nampak ler Menara UOA.
Awek : Oh ye ke? Tapi I tak biasa la tempat ni. Lalu kat sana boleh? (pointing at Mandarin Oriental)
Ch : Isk..tu dah jauh patah balik tu..ikut sini haaa..senang…..
Awek : Tak pe lah, lalu sana lah.sini tak biasa.
Hucs : Panas ler..Lalu sini ada underground, turun tangga tu, mesti nampak punye direction to Aquaria. Follow je..
Awek : Tak pe, I ada payung..
Ch : Laa..tak susah pun..Jom kitorang tunjuk jalan, (i.e escort)
Hucs : (Woi!! Ko giler ke?? Kita nak gi bsn la…jauh tu nak kena pusing.Ini dah kes tak masuk akal ni?? Isk..) Dalam hati sambil buat muka confused and tak paham….hehehe

Nak tak nak, i had to drag myself to follow the crowd. Patah balik and escort sampai UOA.

On the way..

Awek: isk..susah2 je hantar samapi kat sini. You all kan nak pegi BSN. Jauh dah ni
Hucs: (Dgn nada sindiran mauttt yang ditujukan khas ke Ch) - Kitorang ni memang suka teman pelancong, Biasa la jalan ikut jalan jauh2 ni...
Awek: hekhekhek..hekhekhek..gigling..gigling...

Bila awek tu dah pegi (i,e dah selamat sampai UOA), suma baru nak bukak mulut..

Hucs : Giler betul la..sanggup patah balik gi BSN ikut jalan jauh, semata-mata sbb awek tuuh..
Ch : Korang ni apa laa...aku dah bukak jalan, bukan nak mintak no tepon ke..
Gd : Budak UM tuu..mesti ramai lagi member kat Uni/Kolej
Hucs : (isk…skang baru nak bising, tadi control…) – dalam hati
Hucs : Haa…kan skang dah kena menapak jauh ni..dah ler panas pukul 12tghr tepat niii..
Ch : tee…hee ..hee

Ch : haa..ni ada jalan shortcut, terus gi blakang BSN
De : Ye ke? Boleh masuk ke? nampak pagar je…
Ch : Bolleeeyyyyy…..
Hucs : Nampak cam tak convincing je…betul ke ni ada pintu?
Ch : ada punyeee.. aku kata ada, adalah...

As Hucs, Ch and De searched for the gate, we realized GD was already on the other side of the fence.

Gd :Oi..cepat aa…tengok2 apa lagi…
Hucs : isk..kena panjat ke? Ni pagar bank tau..kena tembak kangg..
ni sapa la punye idea ni..shortcut lah, awek lah...pot pet pot pet..(membebel)

Then suddenly.....Jangan bergerak!!..(acah jer..hucs imagination je...)

And all I remembered after that was I had already climbed over the fence.

Hucs : Cheh…abih tangan hitam, sib baik tak kena baju.
De: Eh ada paip banyak la kat sini..untuk apa ek?
Gd: Untuk basuh tangan aaa..diaorang memang tak kisah kalau panjat pagar ni, siap bagi air lagi nak basuh tangan
Hucs: banyakkk la nko
Gd : Ko tau tak kenapa bank selalu kena rompak?
Gd : tuu…(pointing at police BSN cum jaga yang tgh tido dlm rumah batu kecik)
Hucs : Ini suma kerja kartun betul la. Awek mana ntah punye pasal, abih berpeluh2. siap kena panjat pagar bank lagi. Sib baik tak kena tangkap
Ch : Tee…hee..hee….

That was the story for today.
Penat..nak tido jap sementara tunggu audio conference sat lagi…

Monday, February 13, 2006

No St. Valentino memorial day for me.....

Februari datang lagi...bersama-sama hari paling bermakna bagi pasangan kekasih.
Valentine's Day is back! Walaupun Muslimin kat Malaysia dah ramai paham kenapa tak boleh meraikan Valentines, masih ramai yang ignore. Seolah2 masuk telinga kanan, keluar telinga kiri. Kalau tak ignore pun, they just lawan balik with 1001 reasons mengikut fahaman masing-masing. Although mufti dah confirm kata tak boleh, these people still want to have their own excuses.
And kalau siapa yang tak tahu sejarah VD, carik je dlm internet. Then, hopefully kita akan ikut advise from Mufti Perak.

This post bukan lah untuk menceritakan sejarah VD, tapi more on peringatan kepada yang yang terlupa.
"Sesungguhnya manusia itu dalam kerugian. Kecuali orang-orang yang beriman dan beramal salih, dan mereka pula berpesan-pesan dengan kebenaran serta berpesan-pesan dengan sabar" - Al-'Asr 2-3
Mufti Negeri Perak pernah membuat kenyataan bahawa VD patut dijauhi bagi mereka yang beriman kepada Allah.

Murtad sambut hari kekasih mirip agama Kristian - Mufti Perak, Datuk Seri Harussani Zakaria (pasted at the end of this post) http://www.utusan.com.my/utusan/archive.asp?y=2004&dt=0212&pub=utusan_malaysia&sec=muka%5Fhadapan&pg=mh_03.htm&arc=hive

So, kepada muslim semua, janganlah melibatkan sedikit pun diri kita dengan VD.
Pertama; ia merupakan hari raya bid'ah yang tidak ada dasar hukumnya di dalam syari'at Islam.
Kedua; ia dapat menyebabkan hati sibuk dengan perkara-perkara rendahan seperti ini yang sangat bertentangan dengan amalan agama. Tidak sepatutnya kita terlibat dengannya, baik dalam bentuk makan-makan, minum-minum, berpakaian, saling tukar hadiah ataupun lainnya.

Memang aku ada dengar orang kata, janganlah kita jadi terlalu sempit. Kita bukan meraikan St Valentino atau pun memperingati, kita cuma suka2 sempena Hari memperingati kekasih.”

Ada juga yang kata, “fitrah manusia kan ialah berkasih-sayang? Apa salah ke kita berkasih sayang pada VD? Bukan nye kita follow aktiviti keagamaan ke, apa ke, kita cuma amik satu hari utk berkasih sayang.”

Hucs kata :
Bukan ke VD itu hari kekasih? Jangan nak carik excuse kata VD tu hari berkasih sayang. Kasih sayang adalah terlalu suci. Berkasih dengan kekasih yang bukan halal adalah perkara tak suci. Jauh bezanya tu. And berapa sgt yang sambut VD dgn parents or siblings? Maybe ada, tapi tak ramai.

Sekarang, kita di beri pilihan. Nak ikut tafsiran sendiri atau tafsiran para ulamak yang mengkaji dan mempelajari ISLAM dgn lebih mendalam.
Bagi aku, kalau kita sendiri tak sure, baik kita tinggalkan sahaja. Ini berkaitan AKIDAH, dan ia sangat berbahaya.

So, atas dasar itu, aku tetap anggap VD HARAM untuk umat ISLAM.

To my non–muslim friends who are reading this, I am not against anyone, or being paranoid or being conservative.

And without celebrating VD or without joining you guys celebrating VD, I can still be your friends. Right?.
You know that I always be rational and open minded. Not celebrating VD is one of my rational action, where my belief is concern.
I respect you guys for understanding my belief and not questioning my action.

KUALA LUMPUR 11 Feb. - Umat Islam yang meraikan Hari Memperingati Kekasih pada 14 Februari boleh dianggap murtad atau terkeluar daripada Islam jika cara melakukannya mirip dengan agama asal perayaan itu, Kristian.Mufti Perak, Datuk Seri Harussani Zakaria berkata, hukum itu boleh jatuh kepada mereka berdasarkan sebuah hadis sahih yang menyebut bahawa:``Sesiapa yang melakukan perbuatan yang menyerupai sesuatu kaum itu, maka ia turut termasuk bersama golongan tersebut.''Beliau berkata, perbuatan meraikan hari berkenaan juga akan menjadi lebih bercanggah dengan ajaran Islam terutamanya apabila ia dikaitkan sebagai usaha untuk memperingati kematian seorang paderi yang dibunuh seperti mengikut sejarah purba Rom.``Kita umat Islam tidak perlukan budaya atau amalan seperti ini yang jelas bertentangan dengan agama kita. Lagipun ajaran Islam sudah lengkap, sempurna dan diyakini,'' katanya ketika dihubungi di sini hari ini.Beliau mengulas sikap umat Islam di negara ini khususnya muda-mudi yang masih cenderung untuk meraikan Hari Memperingati Kekasih setiap kali muncul 14 Februari biarpun telah banyak penerangan disampaikan oleh para ulama.Mengikut sejarah mitos, sambutan berkenaan diasaskan oleh masyarakat Rom yang beragama Kristian sebagai memperingati peristiwa seorang paderi yang dihukum bunuh oleh pemerintah Rom, Claudius II.Saint Valentine dihukum bunuh kerana mengahwinkan salah seorang askar secara rahsia sedangkan undang-undang Rom ketika itu menghalang golongan muda berkahwin atau berkeluarga sebaliknya dikerah untuk menjadi tentera.Hari ini budaya Valentine menganjurkan orang ramai menghantar kad ucapan Valentine kepada buah hati mereka, teman karib dan orang-orang yang mereka sayangi sebagai simbolik dalam menyatakan cinta terhadap mereka.Pada zaman pertengahan, masyarakat England dan Perancis menganggap 14 Februari sebagai `hari burung-burung mencari pasangan mereka.'Pada kurun ke-14 dan ke-15 mereka mula meniru perbuatan burung tersebut dengan mengadakan hari mencari pasangan atau jodoh pada tarikh tersebut. Masing-masing akan mengucapkan `Selamat Hari Valentine' sesama pasangan mereka.Ada juga mitos menyebut, kad Hari Valentine dijadikan amalan memperingati peristiwa seorang paderi yang dipenjarakan dan sering menghantar kad bertulis From Your Valentine kepada kekasihnya, seorang gadis iaitu anak seorang pengawal penjara.Harussani turut menyeru umat Islam agar tidak sesekali meniru budaya asing dan ternyata bercanggah itu apatah lagi ia turut menjerumuskan mereka ke lembah kemaksiatan.``Mengapa kita perlu mengamalkannya sedangkan Islam menggalakkan umatnya kasih-mengasihi sesama sendiri sepanjang waktu dan bukannya menetapkan pada hari-hari tertentu atau berkala.``Bahkan jika kita tidak bertegur sapa dengan saudara se-Islam selama tiga hari berturut-turut, hukumnya sudahpun jatuh haram. Jadi amalan atau budaya Islam sendiri sudah terbukti jauh lebih baik,'' kata beliau.Menurut Harussani, Islam turut menggalakkan umatnya mengasihi sesama mereka secara ziarah-menziarahi selain berkongsi suka-duka dengan tumpang bersyukur jika senang dan bertakziah atau bersimpati apabila ditimpa malapetaka.``Berkasih sayang bagi Islam juga tidak terhad kepada golongan tertentu sebaliknya meliputi semua pihak dengan keutamaannya diberikan kepada ibu bapa, suami isteri, keluarga, saudara Muslim dan akhirnya seluruh manusia,'' kata beliau.

Friday, February 10, 2006

What are you doing...?

Please keep an aye on your kids...Sometimes, when they are left alone for quite sometime, they can be creative....Luckily nothing bad happened.

Under the bed.

put diapers to teddy bear

we were asleep after subuh. she enjoyed playing with talc powder. mcm tepung gomak

again...while we dozed of in the afternoon, she repeated the offence

with a choc cake

what is this suppose to be???

Apa ada pada angka 0,1 dan 2 ?

Today is Feb 10 2006.

5 years ago.... Feb 10 2001 (read:1002 2001)
On this date I first met my teman sejati (name in my cellphone), my better half (although physically we don't look like two halves, but at heart...yes) , my true love.

It was 5am. I had just arrived from Klang (by bus and then cab) accompanied by two of her younger sisters who both studied at UiTM.
In front of Desasiswa Cahaya, in a cold early morning at USM, I first met my life partner.

Mata bertentang mata, dari mata turun ke hati. Dup dap dup dap berdebor sampai terlupa nak bayar teksi.

Flashback :We were introduced by my sis-in-law (Kak Chik) thru a photo. At first I was reluctant to be matched this way. After few persuasion, I agreed. Nothing serious in my mind but to play-play calling calling only lah..
Our first conversation was thru the phone wave on Jan 20 2001 (read: 20012001)

One phone call - that's all it takes for the cupid to strike. I felt that we have the chemistry, and on that day only, we talked for more than 4 hours. (gatai sungguh)
The rest is history.

Back to 1002 2001.
We had a great day. Went to Batu Ferringhi (of course accompanied by the two sis-in-law - kacao daun betul la..hehehehe). Take photos, lunch etc...takkan suma nak citer sini ye tak...?

The climax for that particular day was when we declared our love to each other. Of course I confessed first (tak malu).hahahaha....
At 8:01pm, (read: 20011002 2001) we promised to be lifetime lovers. Until now and hopefully forever, we will be happily ever after..till death do us part.. and kemudian di syurga...Insya Allah.

And on the same year (december) , kami selamat diijabkabul..alhamdulillah...(lagu tema masa tu...In Team - Kasih Kekasih. tiong tiong tiong (starting lagu tuu..) hehehehehe

Thursday, February 09, 2006

where am I? what am I? who am I?

Sebelum aku lupa, hari ni 10 muharram. tapi dah terlambat nak ingatkan orang suh puasa sunat.

Today I had a phone chat with a friend from PPP, IT 95-99.
She is now a lecturer in Uitm, our alma mater.
We talked about the environment in Uitm nowadays and who is where or what.

Pn Liza - Lecturer yang jaga kitorang dulu, Kira Head of IT Dept in PPP Sect 17 is going to complete her PHD soon. Final stage. Nanti jadik Dr Liza

Pn Yati - Started as tutor .Now is Ketua Jabatan Diploma Computer Science

Cik Lily - Dulu cik..skang tak sure status. Started as tutor and now is doing PHD.

Zaidah - Ketua Jabatan pada WanF. I remembered her as my tutor back in 1995 and my lecturer in Artificial Intelligence. Suara kecik2..yang john suka imitate...
WanF told me that she has several awards in her bag related to Artifical Intelligence. Wow!

Cik Naimah -Is now Dr Naimah and married.

WanF - Lecturer - UiTM

JawaTroxion - Lecturer - UPM

ET - Tutor-UPM

Sad - tutor (tak sure kat mana)

haida - other than food tech degree has a diploma in teaching.

edaleeja - going to complete her master soon. good luck for your viva

hucs - masih macai orang putih. masih lagi dengan the ONLY degree and has no plan to upgrade in near future. nothing impressive achievement at the moment.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Lester Melanyi the provocateur....

Pak Lah masih berlembut dgn editor Sarawak Tribune - Lester Melanyi

Story told by Chief editor on how he sould not be held responsible for the action of Lester Melanyi

Some parties say 'we shall not fall into this trap' and some other similar remarks which have the same meaning.
Whether this is a trap or not, we have to show our stand. They need to know how sensitive this is. How important it is to respect others.
The only difference is the way we react or response to this provocation. That is very significant in upholding Islam dignity.
Of course building burning is never an option. However I strongly agree with peaceful demonstration. I'm not being radical but when it comes to religion and beliefs, strong and bold action should be considered.


Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Inilah first time aku guna bahasa yang amat kurang manis dalam blog. And I feel great and it is the most suitable word for this post.

Allah laknatkan kamooo..
Allah laknatkan kamooo..
Allah laknatkan seluruh bangsa denmark yang setuju dgn kartun hina kekasihnya..
Allah laknatkan kamoo...

Note : Nyanyi ikut rentak lagu orang nyanyi masa ulangtahun harijadi "Allah Selamatkan Kamu"

Aku dah tengok kartun2 tu...
Surprisingly cartoonist yang berlainan, tapi most from denmark.
And most from the same newspaper.
Memang melampau...Teramat emosi bila tgk kartun tu.
And I'm not gonna share the kartun with anyone although for the sake of "information only", as I deem that as spreading the work of the laknatullah. Never.

Sebahagian dari Danish keparat laknatullah

For those who have yet to see the cartoons, believe me, its really really really sucks!!!
I just can share one, but with words, not image.

A pig, wearing a turban(serban), on its body are the word Muhamed, both in Rumi and Jawi. The pig is also holding a pencil, with two of the front leg stepping on a book with the word 'koran' and Alquran(in arab) on the pages. How sick is that!!!Damn you ****** Danish!!!

Aku memang tak akan suka Denmark sampai ke anak cucu diorang..gi mampos lah korang suma!
Bukan apa..suma cartoon dlm tu, dibuat oleh orang denmark...bukan sorang je kartunis nye..
And the same newspaper yang publish benda tu...Nama sokkabar tu Jylland Posten Denmark

Memang membara sangat kat dlm hati aku ini....! And tak leh tahan sabar dah..nak nangis pun ada..nangis gerammmmmm sebab diorang ni masih hidup senang lenang kat bumi Allah setelah kekasihNya di permainkan. Grrrrr....

Semoga laknat ALLAH subhanahu wa ta’ala senantiasa atas orang-orang kafir yang menghina Rasul-NYA.
Ya ALLAH, berilah tempat yang tertinggi kepada Muhammad Rasullullah shallallahu ‘alaihi wassalam sebagaimana yang telah ENGKAU janjikan kepadanya.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Aku bukan maksum

Bila kita buat jahat
Semua orang tak suka kita
Semua orang tak nak duk ngan kita.
Susah orang nak lupakan salah kita.
Kalau lupa pun masih ada kesan parut.

Bila kita buat jahat
Kita pun tak suka diri kita sendiri
Kita susah nak maafkan diri kita
Kita menyesal
Tapi tak guna sbb dah berlaku
Kita sedih
Tapi tak guna sbb kita yang bebal
Tinggal lah kita sorang2...padan muka

Bila kita buat jahat
Memanglah Allah tak suka
Tapi nasib kita baik sbb Allah Maha penyayang, pengasih dan pengampun
Kalau tak mesti kita dah tak bernafas lepas buat jahat. nauzubillah...

Janganlah buat jahat
Kalau dengan Allah, insyaAllah boleh mintak ampun
Kalau dengan manusia.............payah.

I did something really terrible today that I can not forgive myself forever.
But I did not mean it. (of course)
So, I hope my most sincere apology will be accepted.
Although it's beyond my power to 100% guarantee I will not repeat in the future, but I am very determine not to do the same thing again.

Nape aku jadi cam ni? dulu x cam ni....
Mana aku kutip benda2 negatif ni? dulu x cam ni...
Masa bila aku develop sifat mazmumah ni? dulu x cam ni
Nak salahkan iklim panasssss? boleh jadi jugak, tapi aku byk duk dlm ekon.
Nak salahkan pressure from office workload?? tak patut langsung
Nak salahkan apa lagi?
Nak salahkan siapa lagi?
Memang takde alasan sebenarnya
Jawapannya salahkan diri sendiri
Jawapannya salahkan diri sendiri......

I have nothing to say anymore.
I only have to muhasabah myself.

I can't sleep on it
I can't forget it
I'm soooooo sorry... :'''(

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Main Layang-layang

Yesterday, I bought a kite from the sundry shop for RM 0.50.
Indah wanted to play kite after she saw budak2 kampung kat ganu main kite.

At home I tried hard to recall my memory on setting up a kite. It was almost twenty years when I last played a kite.
When all done, at 6.oopm I tried to fly the kite. Indah watched me with high hope but Haida was sarcastic about the idea her husband is going to fly the kite..hehehe..ni kes dah mencabar ni..

And the wind was so strong that my first attempt was foiled because the kite pusing2 cam giler and terbelit kat wayar depan umah...isk.....tensen betul.

Then I brought it down and do some 'modification' to the ekor.

After that, I managed to flew the kite. (sori lupa amik gambar) Indah had the joy to hold the kite, 50 meters up away from her. And she was very happy...until....

arggh...hujan..suma kena balik....

An expriment...

Orange is THE color.

Yes! Finally I chose butter scotch orange to match the Lamex border wall paper for Indah bedroom.
The initial concept is 'garden' but then I could not find the suitable wall paper for the theme. The closest is farm and garden. Bolehlah match lagu Old MacDonald.

Some books/magazines are against orange for bedroom as they claimed it could make some people restless or aggressive. But for a milky orange matching with white furniture, the 'energy' of the color will be balanced. Furthermore, Indah as we know, will not love gloomy bedroom.

All in all, it was just an experiment from inexperience parents. Let's try this first and see how it goes. I can just repaint if it is not suitable. But for this moment, I'm very much satisfied!

I always wanted to be away from norm. Pinky kids bedroom is common. So as blue. Lavender and white is booked for my bedroom. That left Indah to not much of an option.
There are not many colors left and I believe orange is a brave and rare choice for bedroom.

ps :Lagipun bukan bilik aku...dia bukan kisah pun..to her suma cantik...hehehe..takdelah..tak la se cruel tu...

Have you ever had this feeling?

Your ex-sweetheart lawan your sweetheart.
Yes, this is what happened to me recently.
It is unavoidable. I was confused because I never hate my ex-sweetheart when we decided to choose our own path.
It was a mix feeling. It made me restless the whole day.
And at the end, my ex-sweetheart defeated my sweetheart.
Yes, Martina Hingis won the semi-final match against Maria Saharapova in Tokyo.
This is Hingis biggest impact after her comeback so far. He has been out from professional tennis since 2002.
To Maria, kalau ko asyik kalah cam ni, baik kita break-off. Hingis dah bagi hint2 kat aku dah...hehehehe

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

A very wise analogy

Got this from a fellow blogger. Thanks kereta http://keretamayat.blogspot.com/
Please read. Good for your health and better to understand this now so that you can start it now!

Apa bayi buat dalam perut?
Sebenarnya ada dua soalan, apa bayi buat dalam perut dan apa korang buat dalam dunia ni...Untuk mengetahui apa yang bayi buat dalam perut, kita tanya seorang ibu (kononnya) yang di beri izin oleh Allah untuk bercakap dengan bayinya….
Ibu: Apa kabar kau?
Bayi: Kabar baik aku.
Ibu: Apa kau buat kat dalam tu?
Bayi:Aku duk pusing2 sambil makan2.
Ibu: Ada apa kat dalam?
Bayi: Tak nampak apa2, gelap tapi nyaman, tidak sejuk dan panas, sambil makan2. Aku selesa di sini.
Ibu: Apa kau makan kat dalam tu?
Bayi:Makanan yang dihantar melalui tali pusat.
Ibu: Oh..Itu darah haid…agaknya.
Bayi: Apa itu darah haid.?
Ibu:.. kalau ibu cakap pun kau bukannya paham..
Bayi: Cakap je lah..
Ibu: Perempuan kalau tidak beranak keluar darah haid, tapi bila dah mengandung darah haid dah takde, Allah tukar jadi makanan bayi ..ibu rasalah…agaknya.
Bayi: Tak faham aku..
Ibu: Kang ibu dah cakap….
Bayi: Tapi aku tak sedap hatilah, aku makin hari makin sukar bergerak, ada benda2 tak berguna keluar dari badan aku dan menganggu aku.
Ibu: Patutlah kau duduk terajang-terajang, rupa2nya kau tak bebas bergerak..Itu adalah tangan dan kaki kau, kau tak perlukan kat dalam tu tapi bila kau keluar kau sangat2 perlukan tangan dan kaki kau tu..
Bayi: Ah taknaklah saya, baik saya gunakan zat tu untuk besarkan tali pusat. Boleh makan banyak sikit.
Ibu: Jangan begitu anakku, bila kau lahir nanti takkan ade doctor boleh cipta kaki untuk kau, kau akan cacat selama-lamanya…kau tak boleh naik basikal
Bayi: Basikal tu apa?
Ibu:Itu adalah salah satu nikmat dunia, bila sampai masa nanti kau akan kena keluar dari perut mak, kau akan menagis terkejut…
Bayi: Baiklah mak…tapi saya tak takut kerana tuhan dah bagitau bila saya keluar nanti ada malaikat jaga saya.
Ibu: Malaikat?, Siapa nama malaikt tu…?
Tuhan kata panggilah dia: BONDA.

Sekarang korang ikuti temubual aku bersama makhluk ‘engkau’…
Aku: Apa kabar kau?
Engkau: Kabar baik aku.
Aku: Apa kau buat kat dunia ni?
Engkau:Aku duk pusing2 sambil cari makan..
Aku: Apa yang kau makan?
Engkau:yang halal. Macam2 ada: nasi ayam, nasi itik. Nasi goreng kampong…
Aku: Oh..Itu makanan dari tanah.Akhirat nanti makan dari khazanah Allah..
Engkau:: Apa itu khazanah Allah..
Aku:.. kalau aku cakap pun kau bukanya paham..
Engkau:: Cakap je lah..
Aku: Khazanah Allah ,makan dlm shurga kau niat je terus muncul, macam magik ler...
Engkau:: Tak faham aku..
Aku: Kang aku dah cakap….
Engkau: Tapi aku tak sedap hatilah ramai pendaqwah ganggu aku, mintak aku bagi masa dengar ceramah, tak bebas aku dibuatnya…
Aku: Patutlah kau lari2, rupa2nya kau rasa tak bebas bergerak. Diorang tu mintak masa supaya akhirat nanti kau tak rugi…bila kau tak solat, akhirat nanti takde kepala, kau tau?
Engkau:: ye ke ni,,,Ah taknaklah aku, baik aku gunakan masa tu untuk besarkan pernigaan aku. Boleh makan banyak sikit.
Aku: Janganlah begitu engkau…, bila kau dah jadi mayat nanti takkan ade org boleh tolong kau dalam kubur, padang mahshar, titi sirat…tak dapat shafaat nabi.
Engkau:: Shafaat tu ape?
Aku; Itu adalah salah satu nikmat akhirat, Nabi bagi kat org yg ikut sunnah dia...bila sampai masa nanti kau akan akan jadi mayat, baru kau tau...kau akan menangis terkejut…
Engkau: ah..mulalah nak daqwah aku tu.... aku sibuklah nak baca blog engkau ni baik aku pergi besar kan ‘tali pusat’ aku….
Sigh out….
Disini solat, puasa, haji memang tak nampak manfaat, tapi korang akan dapat manfaatnya disana, akhirat yang kekal abadi…macam bayi, dalam rahim tangan, kaki, mana ada manfaat, bila dah beranak kalau cacat, cacat selama-lamanya, tali pusat yang paling sedap dalam perut mak kita jika bagi kat korang sekarang, muntah bueekkk, korang…tapi manusia hari ini sibuk besarkan ‘tali pusat’ hingga lupa pada perintah Allah…nauzubillah…