Sunday, February 05, 2006

Main Layang-layang

Yesterday, I bought a kite from the sundry shop for RM 0.50.
Indah wanted to play kite after she saw budak2 kampung kat ganu main kite.

At home I tried hard to recall my memory on setting up a kite. It was almost twenty years when I last played a kite.
When all done, at 6.oopm I tried to fly the kite. Indah watched me with high hope but Haida was sarcastic about the idea her husband is going to fly the kes dah mencabar ni..

And the wind was so strong that my first attempt was foiled because the kite pusing2 cam giler and terbelit kat wayar depan umah...isk.....tensen betul.

Then I brought it down and do some 'modification' to the ekor.

After that, I managed to flew the kite. (sori lupa amik gambar) Indah had the joy to hold the kite, 50 meters up away from her. And she was very happy...until....

arggh...hujan..suma kena balik....

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