Saturday, February 25, 2006

Our Media, Big Foot and Big Mac

Kenapa payah sgt nak carik big foot?
adakah dia anak murid ayah pin ?(sbb ayah pin pun susah nak carik)
or adakah dia tu ayah pin yang memakai costume big foot?
Tapi yg paling best dua2 masih belum dijumpai.
Mungkin big foot pun ada kerajaan langit?
Sebab tu suma org carik tak jumpa.

But again, why is all the fuss over big foot?

Tak lain tak bukan, media. And our life is being controlled by media.
What ever media wants us to think, then they will do a mass broadcast.
So many other issues need to be highlighted, other than big foot.

For example Big Mac. How dangerous Big Mac and Co. to our health?
Recent study by McDonalds Corporation themselves, showed that their products contained double or triple the amount of trans fat, than they claimed before.
Trans Fat is very dangerous as it is very hard to be digested by our body.
The molecular structure is very stable and firm. And it will remain as fat in our body, unlike normal fat.
Trans fat can be found in sausage, burgers, some fries, nugget, oil and fillet.
To read more about the hazardous trans fat, launch your browser, and find 'trans fat'..then...baca sendirilah..

Moral of the story, why must sibuk2 pasal big foot? Other agenda are more important such as public health or Renaissance Hotel Managements' mental health.

I'll blog more on the Renaissance Hotel thingy in future post...


bola2api said...

hucs: why must sibuk2 pasal big foot?
me: sbb big foot tu dok kat kampung mawi..

hahaha world!

abu_harraz said...

aku memang minat suara mawi. tone dia world. cuma teknik kena byk belajat la kot.
tapi suara bigfoot...not so sure lah..

Nanot said...

Betul tu, it's not the matter how big your body is, but what you put into your body through your mouth. I have sworn-off burgers for the past 8 years, and I feel good (though I am not that slim-la).