Sunday, April 30, 2006

Did I took the wrong major for my degree?

For those who know me...I mean really know me....Isy...rigid sgt plak...
Ok lah...for anyone who have some perception on me..

Is the thing below real????

Went to blogthings and took out this test.

"What Should You Major In"

I love photography and psychology though...
Economics? Duit aku pun x penah cukup
Marketing? Yuckss......tak ghoti dennn
Design? This test must be kidding.....Lukih cacing pun tak brapa nak pandai.....

Ntahlaa...I'm not sure....

Hehehe...but I know I love being a hubby and father.....!!!

Your Scholastic Strength Is Innovating

You are the master of new ideas, techniques, and ways of looking at things.You are talented at structuring thoughts, decision making, clarifying, and making deadlines.
You should major in:
Psychology Desgin Cognitive Science Economics Photography

What Should You Major In?

Friday, April 28, 2006

My 100th post

I reach my 100th post. Looking forward for another 100 or 1000. InsyaAllah.
For the past 99 post, I might have cheered up people or at least communicating with them.
I might also have offended people, 'mengumpat' and so on.
I am glad that someone has pointed out some of my 'wrong doing' in blogging.
It was not my intention to spread hatred, bad mouthing, gossiping or any other negative aura in this blog . It is merely my day-to-day story, my keluhan (as described by nanot) my experience, my life.

Although I was very particular and careful for each word I was using, sometimes, i might be carried away with emotion.
I dont usually create enemies. But I don’t spare anyone who want to make me their enemies either. (Not a good attitude though)


I don’t believe in coincidence. Semua yg terjadi dgn izin Allah.
So I took a second look on the issue brought up by anonymous in my 99th post. It was indeed a message for me to muhasabah and be more sensitive with my writings as more people are reading it from day to day.
I know that more than 50 people read this blog but I don’t know the exact figure.
So, if any of my writing contains mengumpat, so I better take a serious look on it. I dont want this blog to add to all my existing sins! This alert came as I celebrated my 1ooth post.

And let us be reminded again on the greatest sin from mengumpat. We might everyday committing it. It is even 'considered' a norm in our society.
Let's avoid it whenever we are aware that we are committing a GREAT sin. Insya Allah

Definition of 'mengumpat'

I went to the net, and do some findings on ‘Mengumpat’/’Ghibah’/’Gossipping’
And this is what I found, closed to what I am facing.

Excerpt from :
Pengertian mengumpat dan batasnya

“Di antaranya juga, jika ia menyebut keaiban seseorang di hadapan orang ramai, tetapi mereka tidak dapat mengagak siapa orang yang ditujukan celaan itu, lalu ia menyebut pula. “Hairan betul si Ahmad Albab itu dengan kelakuannya!” Hingga apabila di dengar lagi oleh orang-orang itu, mereka pun faham siapa orang yang ditujukan celaan tadi."

What do I understand from this sentence?

Kalau kita cerita pasal sesuatu yg buruk berkenaan seseorang, tanpa menyebut namanya atau tanpa menggambarkan secara jelas sehingga orang tidak faham siapa orang itu. Ia mungkin sekadar menjadi cerita, tanpa mengaibkan sesiapa. Tetapi, sebaik sahaja kita memberi clue atau indication yang boleh mengaitkan orang itu secara tepat dan jelas, maka terjadilah ‘mengumpat’.


Boleh atau tidak jika kita cerita sesuatu berkenaan seseorang, tetapi kita menjaga maruahnye dengan tidak memberitahu siapa orangnya?? Adakah dia mendapat malu?? Adakah dia diaibkan?? Kalau ya, bagaimana?

Maybe ada antara post aku (satu or dua) yang terlajak umpat. Tapi bukan semua post. InsyaAllah 98% aku tidak mengumpat.

Aku mungkin salah tafsir, tapi buat sesiapa yang faham, tolong lah comment and betulkan kalau aku salah. Aku boleh admit kalau aku salah. No hal punye..
Baik orang betulkan aku, daripada aku jadi degil dan tuli dari sebarang teguran . Nauzubillah…

To anyone who love to practice ‘baling batu sembunyi tangan’, please stop it.
Come to me face to face. or even email me. or call me. or do it in a positive way.

I am a human. I am perfectly imperfect. I have commited sin. But I quickly repented. Then I commited sin again. Again I repented.

If I am wrong or deemed wrong by you, by all means, please let me know. As a friend, or someone who knows me, why must you condemn me? In front of others? Why must be so sarcastic?
After all, I was not condemning you. What have I done to you to deserve this?
Do not create another sin, just to correct someone mistake. The aim will not justify the means. Matlamat tidak boleh menghalalkan cara.

I apologized for being rude in my comments, but that was my first reaction to a very sarcastic, kurang ajar remarks, from a visitor to a host, with the intend to menjatuhkan maruah. I was very angry…then. Simply because my blog is like my home. And I can't tolerate someone to degrade me in my home.

Dengan penuh rasa kekurangan dan merendah diri, aku mintak maaf kat sapa2 yang terasa dengan penulisan aku dalam blog ni.
Since I am aware the blog is open to public, I should be held responsible for the contents.
I dont want to be questioned later...........

There is no need for us to involve in a warless battle. Banyak benda lain nak kena soal dalam kubur, so jangan lah tambah benda2 remeh macam ni.
Peace….Insya Alah…

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Allo people....

What can I say........
It has been a week without any update..
I was bogged down with so many unnecessary outstanding issue, created by some non-professionals in the office.

I am a focal contact for this one project. And my job is to coordinate this project and work with the operations people.

Seems easy? straight forward? Actually yesss...BUT..

When you work with a bunch of non-professionals, you have to follow up with all their action items.
They will not be responsible or act on them, or move their asses around to find the answer, but only wait to be prompted by me!!

Patut ke tak patut??

And the best part is, I was told by their supervisor that I could be more pro active (ayat backing anak buah) to make them respond...wwwhhhhaaaattt??? is your responsibility to follow up what ever taks given to you.
Aku ni bukan supervisor dia, mentor dia, team lead dia, mak dia, cikgu dia, orang gaji dia
Bukan budak skolah rendah beb..Buat la keja sendiri.kalau tak tau...tanyaa...

Tu baru satu deliverable in one project...
Kalau all the four projects that I'm currently handling??? kalau satu project ada 10 deliverables by other parties? Aku nak follow up semua ke??

Itu pun aku dah bagi dua reminder, both copying the supervisor...
DUA reminder..siap ada bold , kaler biru lagi asking them to revert to ASAP should they face any problem. Apa lagi nak??
Tak bagitau aku pun yang diorang tak reti nak buat. Aku ingat suma ok...Dah la benda tu tak susah. I just need 1/2 an hour je nak explain.

Are they implying Lotus Notes communication is not official anymore? And all communication thru emails should be follow up by phone call? BULLSHIT!!
If you still have that old mindset, then just remove your personal mailbox, and wait for phone call!!
(FYI - Our company acknowledge Lotus Notes as a formal means of communication, but not phone call)

Come on la!!!.....dont put the blame on others la...
Aku pun ada keja jugak...
Aku balik lagi lambat dari korang , dari bos korang tau....Jangan la nak suruh aku follow up semua...
kalau dah ada rotan...ngan bos-bos skali aku rotan!

I was totally pissed off when I know the action item was not done!
The reason ? Simple .. "Kitorang tak tahu la cam mana nak buat?"
How nice ....................................and stoopid.

I am actually helping them to ease their work...I have no interest on this project as it will not affect me daily. It is for them!!....I am just helping them.

Please la....jadi la responsible sikit...
Pakai la otak...jangan nak bergantung kat kerja routine je......
Actually byk lagi nak membebel..tapi sbb byk keja stop now..

p/s - Sowie aa..lama tak update......takde citer menarik except kejaaaa....otak asyik pk keja..

Monday, April 17, 2006

Apa itu hucs?

Few weeks ago, I went to INTEC UiTM (formerly known as PPP UiTM, Shah Alam)
It is the place where I completed my American Degree Program (ADP) and continued to Malaysian Degree Program (UiTM) hehehe.
I spent five years there from 95-99.

I was there to watch CEKAK NITE. It is the nite for Silat Cekak Ustaz Hanafi (SCUH) to promote their martial arts, and register new intake.
They will do a high class, nail bitting and action packed silat demonstration.
I wanted to see how they have progress, while meeting colleagues, instructors, and VIPs from the organization. It is an annual affair for Persatuan Seni Silat Cekak Ustaz Hanafi . I was heavily involved in Cekak Nite from 1996-1999.

I was actively in this martial organization on the national levels. I love this Silat and joined activities to promote this Silat to as far as Sarawak. However, I backed out in 1999 due to some conflicting principles.

I was very attached to SCUH. Every day will not passed without thinking about SCUH. Any offer to join any activity, be it demonstration participants, instructors, trainer, tester (for the sijils) or any religious activities or the silat ceremonies, I will try to make that as priority. Even during my study years, my schedule was packed with training sessions, silat classes outside campus (night or evening) and other ceremonies in Shah Alam/KL area.
GET A LIFE!! some might say...well what I can say is Silat was 60% of mylife, other means of entertainment was 30% and study 10%. That is why aku sampai skang takde rasa nak buat master...tak suke study! (alasan)

When I made the decision to not continue with SCUH, I was very depressed, frustrated and bored. I kept thinking about Silat Cekak Hanafi, and occasionally joined them for social activities or where I can give help to my friends.

The nickname hucs in this blog, was my chat nickname after I excluded my self from Silat Cekak Hanafi (SCUH) activities. It is the reverse of SCUH!! I wanted to feel attach to it. you know how obsessed I was!!!

Back to Cekak Nite.

That nite I managed to reunite with Hardi, Badut, Admen, Putra, and Asri. Others, I dont know them.
Putra(koleq98), my junior 4 years in koleq was the commander and also the hero for Umum Serangan Bersenjata. (Same post as me. Hardi (koleq91) and Badut (koleq94) were also once the demo squad captain).
Putra perfomance was very good despite of not being picked up for any role during my years..hahahaha. Bakat terpendam rupanye budak ni..
(They are actually the 2004 & 2005 (overall) national level champion. During my time..we never got overall champion. The best was Naib Johan kategori pisau by Badut and Lab and Naib Johan Serangan Umum Tgn Kosong)

Putra tgh belasah orang..hehehe...cayalah

Indah was very excited to watch the demonstration. And like usual, balik rumah...hiap....hish.....hiap..dia pun mula la bersilat...isk....risau aku..tumbuk betul2...sakit wooo..hehehe
Indah is making Haida worry about the whole idea to introduce her to Silat . Hiap..hish..haaiitt....iyaahh..!!

5 years ago, I had promised my self that I will try to train this silat to my kids, for personal use during emergency. Badut agreed to help me with this (dulu laa..skang tak tau la plak..Kalau kau nak badut, kita train anak ko skali)

Silat is very good. We Malays have our own Martial Arts. It is good to uphold our own heritage.
Some might say, "Alaa..skang ada pistol, tak main la silat2 ni". and my reply will be "Mana pistolnye? Ada skang ke? Aku pukul ko skang, ko ada pistol?"

What I mean is, for emergency, for personal use, for our physical protection or our dignity, silat can be used. Kalau mati pun, takde la mati katak tak melawan. Kalau melawan pun, tak la bodoh2 melawan (tu kira mati katak la jugak). Kalah menang , hidup mati tu kuasa Allah. Usaha yang penting.
Kalau kita tak berusaha nak equip diri kita, nak prepare technically, cam ner Allah nak bantu kita..
Tapi...kalau bleh selamatkan diri...larii laa.....apa nak carik gaduh kan..tambah musuh..cuma kalau terpaksa.....dah tak bleh lari..tak kan nak biar je orang laukkan kita.

I dont suggest whoever read this to take martial art class, but please, please, please dont belittle those yang besar hati nak join martial arts..

Encourage them, your friend, ke, your kids ke, you siblings ke......jangan discourage..coz from experience, I got a lot of discouragement rather than support!

Biarkan Si Luncai terjun dengan labunye

Last Friday night , I went to watch GUBRA by Yasmin Ahmad at Bukit Raja TGV.

Everything went well until this 'couple' came in.

Both were male and lenggok suara diorang were very mendayu2 gitu. With the suara garau ala2 mak nyah, they commentedthe story all the way from beginning to end.

Actually, after a few minutes, I was very disturbed.Aku pandang lama kat diorang (they were one seat next to me), dia buat tak reti je..(nak pandang lagi lama , takut dia ingat aku nak ngorat diorang plak)
From one scene to another, suma dia komplen and comment. Sakitttt telinga aku.....

I was about to explode, but I was with my wife. She warned me to ignore them. Since aku dah janji ngan dia nak behave and improve my temper kat orang2 bodoh di atas jalan/kedai makan/wayang/etc... aku pun kena la tahan marah.
Baik aku ikut cakap bini aku, kang dia tanak kawan aku kang..lagi payah..

Tapi dalam hati meluap-luap...

But after a few minutes, I managed to rationalize. Nasib baik la aku tak buang masa sound diorang tu..buat rosak my movie outing je..Biasala..setan hasut masa marah tadi.

So, I just concentrated (hard) on the movie, and enjoyed my night outing with my wife (without Indah)
"Biarkan luncai dgn labunye"

Moral of the story, jgn layan org tak cukup kepala hotak..sebab dengan mengkontrol marah kita, kita akan jadi orang cukup berakal.. :)

p/s Hucs suke bini Bilal..cute...

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Terkena buatan orang....... Kenapa?? Tak Percaya ke??

The flood that hit my home in Bandar Puteri (see previous post) also bring GOOD news
The news that I've been waiting for sooo long...

Haida injured herself during the flood. Jatuh terlentang...
So on Monday, we went to clinic because the pain did not go.
When the doctor wanted to prescribe the painkillers, she asked whether Haida is late or not.
We confidently answer that it should not be the case.Ye la..baru je check..takde apa2 pun..
But then, I still insist the doctor to confirm. So dia pun gi la buat UPT.

We were so confident it would be negative, that we told thedoctor that we dont have to come in again. Just take the medicine at the counter and pay.

But then, the doctor called Haida back to her room. And I pun heran la jugak.Nak explain apa lagi kalau negative kan..
Then, Haida asked me to join her in the room. Aikkk?? Betul ke apa aku pikir ni??Haida angkat kening sebelah sambil senyum.
And I saw this.


DUA LINE!!!!???

Masa bila?? Yang mana satu?? Cam tak percaya je....!!!

Confirm kena buatan org yang berusaha keras.....MUAHAHAHAHA!!
Mendatangkan hasil jugak usaha-usaha yg berterusan dan consitent itu...
Usaha yang 'mengenal penat dan lelah' tapi tanpa putus asa..hehehe

Alhamdulillah.....Indah akan dapat adik...mid-end December.
Let's pray for the baby and mom's health....and the father also laaa...

Oo...kalau rumah banjir, maksudnye nak dapat rezeki la ek?? melimpah-ruah la harapnye. Amin

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Wet world

I always tell my friends that if they want to play futsal, they can come to my house in Bandar Puteri. Why? Because I got very few funiture in my new house. Blum ada wang mau beli banyak sekaligus maaa...

But if anyone come to my house last weekend (2am to be specific), they will not able to play futsal, but maybe main kapal kertas atas air.

My one and only hard-earned house was hit by flood. :( It was a very sad thing to accept.

12.30am - baru nak tido. Heard the rain has just started.....Ignored buy very worried. Our wet kitchen always naik air bila hujan lebat more than an hour.

1.00am - Terjaga.
Hucs - Daa, gi tgk dapur. kot2 air dah naik...
Daa - ala...takde apa2..baru je hujan...

1.15am - Terjaga lagi...but no action taken.

1.30am - Terjaga. This time I got up and went to the kitchen to check. Ya Allah!! my suprise, not only the wet kitchen, the dry kitchen pun dah masuk air..all the barang plastik suma dah floating.........damn!!..the fridge!!! the fridge!!!..

I switched off the power and we carried the fridge to our living room.
Then..what's next? mati akal aku..air naik cepat gilos bas bas bas bas.....aiyaakkk
Then we moved all electrical appliances to the living room. The were all on the floor as my house x de cabinet lagi.

Baru nak rehat, I sensed that the water dah nak masuk living room plak....
aa sudaaahhh..

We moved all things onto the stairs and tingkat atas.
Then I realized!!...The store room!!! (same level with the living room)
Aku dah penat I just saved item yang memang tak boleh kena air langsung..itu je yang mampu.

I called Majlis Perbandaran Klang hotline to seek help on pumping out water, but they transfered my call to bilik gerakan bencana JPA3, where one of the officer ask me ," Encik perlukan pemindahan ke?" Ada tak dewan orang ramai kat kawasan tu? "
Hehehe...nasib baik la tak jadi reality....

2.15am. It was already ankle-deep water in my living room. The worse was the wet kitchen. Closed to knee-deep.

Then I remembered my neighbours. Mesti ada yang tak jaga dari tido lagi.
So I got an umbrella and a jacket and rushed to their houses. Some were already up. We failed to wake up this one neighbour. Only after 1/2 an hour, he woke up. He looked around, smile and then masuk tido balik!!!?? boley tak??
Maybe dah takde benda dah nak dia buat dono je..hehehe..lantakk la..
Then I started to take photos. And below are few of them.

Moved my car to higher ground
Bandar Puteri Klang Water Resort

The next day, we were told that, not only bandar puteri klang was hit. The flood was caused by a faulty kunci air and more than five other housing areas and tamans were affected. Some of them, the MPK (Majlis Perbandaran Klang) was still pumping out water after more than 12 hours, form the rain started. As for my area, the water cleared at 7am. Thank god!

p/s - my network card kat umah rosak. Ada masa kat office je nak update blog. dah lah keja tgh banyak skang ni.....payahhhhh..

Thursday, April 06, 2006

"I sell panty liner..."

What do we understand about open office concept?

Open office concept is where your privacy is not as great as closed office.
I used to work in single room for few years (4 years) before this open concept being introduced in my company, or department to be specific.

Not like last time, I feel that this new office is too open. I can not sayang2 with my wife on the phone anymore. Not comfortable and orang lain pun akan muntah.hehehehe
Sikit2 bisik ok lah...

And we have been given training on how to BEHAVE in an open concept ofice, so we wont offend others, or embarassed ourselves.

However, this one colleague of mine, despite of never being in single room office since her day one in the company, still could not comprehend the need to be sensitive to others in the open office.

She yelled to people few meters from her, talk on the phone like she is in the closed public booth or her bedroom and mumbling loudly on her work.
She just moved near to me few weeks back or a month or so. First, I could ignore, but from time to time, I feel irritated.
However, sometimes, I feel it funny and it tickled me to the bone!!!

A line like this would definitley stop me from continuing my work....

(On the phone) "Berangin tak? Diorang kata berangin sikit. Tapi kena letak air sikit la....."

You want to know on what topic is she talking about? HERBAL SANITARY PAD!!!!
HAHAHAHA....memang kelakor..

And then other lines about credit card, top up , how to go to meeting on the herbal pad business, stock panty liners and 1001 stories, that goes thru my busybody ears. Also Lotus Notes keep crashing with Dr Watson error and going for prayer.

No wonder my performance is dropping nowadays....


This morning, a bit late than usual, at 6.30am I arrived at Klang bus station for my daily bus to KL.
The front bus was full, so I went to the second bus.
Apparently I was the first one waiting for the second bus door to open.

People behind me dah start sibuk2 nak menyelit....Setakat jadik org kedua, or ketiga pun nak berebut jugak...tak paham langsung aku!

O.k lah..I just ignored them, but saje buat lambat2 when the door opened.Hehehe..bagi diorang lagi rasa nak berebut...Tu takde hal la..

Next, I got on the bus and handed the driver RM 10 note for the ticket.I paid for two (my brother was with me) so, the total is RM 6. Balance should be RM 4.

Ntahkenapantah...suddenly the driver talk to me with a very sarcastic tone..
" Mana ada duit tukar pagi-pagi ni..?!! Pegi duduk dulu..." (teringat iklan dulu2, orang beli stem 20 sen pakai duit RM 50)

Aik?? ni apa hal ni..dah bertahun aku naik bas, tak penah pun orang sound.Aku pun naik la lambat2, sambil tengokkkkkkkk muka driver tu...
adakah dia gurau2 di pagi hari?? atau malam tadi dia tak dapat??

The Klang-KL-Klang busses nowadays, mana ada pakai machine yg masuk duit tu..
The driver will be the cashier, and the always have change..always..
O.k la..kalau takde pun..cakap la elok2..
It so happened that I am the first person..and dia tak prepare the change..
Orang blakang2 aku bagi duit RM 10 tak pulak dia sound...

I was so disturbed with him...that I have planned my words, before I see him again to claim my change...
"Bang..dah cukup ke duit baki tadi?" I asked him after I saw he had collected the fairs from few other passengers.

Nak tau dia jawab apa?

While handing the balance to me he said, " Lain kali nak naik bas, bawak la duit kecik..!!!" also with the same tone as earlier..

Aku terus jadi panas...

I said, (loud n clear..satu bas dengar)
"Abis tu kalau dah takde? Tak bleh naik la?! Lain kali tulis kat pintu bas tu,
Sila sediakan Wang kecil (by the way, tak de pun kat luar on anywhere in the bus)Kalau takde wang kecil, jangan naik! boleh?"

And added some few lines like
"Driver lain tak penah kecoh pun!. Orang naik bertahun2, tak de hal pun. Yang pagi2 ni nak bagi rosak mood orang ni kenapa?? Apa masalahnye ni??!!"

Tak jawab pulak..sian plak aku tgk dia terkebil...buat dono je..
Come on la...Customers always right la joe!!..kalau salah pun, cakap la elok2..
Memang kepala diorang ni besar sket...tapi bukan suma, ada yg baik.

I am a person, who always be courteous to others, who ever they are.
But I will also be the most rude person, if they started, who ever they are!

I know my wife doesnt like the second attitude, but I am improving from day to day.I dont want to be arrogant or pemarah. Biar orang buat jahat, but we should maintain our pride, dignity and quality of a muslim.

Tapi tadi terlepas jugak..hehehe..

Ini bukan cerita contoh...patut benda ni , sapa2 yang baca, jadikan sempadan la..
Pikir2 balik..stoopid je marah2 orang ni..kan?? Buat hilang mood je..hampehh

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The dilemma of being an AFRORAMA

I am in a dilemma.
I was force to join the Esso Recreation Club Inter Department Karaoke Contest by my fellow afrorama group members.
This year, my department top management is very serious about it. Our department holds a very impressive track record, but we did not participate in 2004 n 2005.
This ERC Karaoke Inter Dept is a serious matter for all dept's top management.
They would go all out to ensure their dept win the title. Some forked out money form their own pocket, and in some events, it could reach up to RM 2K or more.

So , this year, EMIT (ExxonMobil IT) department wants the title back . (We last won on 2002) The IT teambuilding club is being pressed by the top management to work hard and coordinate a team to participate into this contest.

Why am I in the picture? I was part of the AFRORAMA team, who won the 2004 GIS Idol (GIS is the old name for EMIT). We sang 'kahayalan' by ruffedge and VE.
But that was different. Itu untuk suka2. And it was on 100% vote. (maybe becoz we were popular la kann)

AFRORAMA - rapper in sports attire

For this ERC contest, the judges are like from Yamaha skool of music and all professionals outside the company.
It is a grand annual event by ERC, and the winner will perform at the company annual dinner.
If I were to participate, a lot of time and effort is required.
I don't think I can spent too much time on this, with my current worload and nights audioconference.

To Azry, Pecal, Mior - I apologize for letting you down...
I will not be able to stay committed, thus it is fair for me to back out.
On the rapping part, anyone can do it...tak kan takde org bleh ganti aku kot.....

Monday, April 03, 2006

Indah's skool field trip - aku yang lebeh...

I went to Indah's Kindergarten field trip last Saturday to Domino's Pizza and High 5 bread factory.
We gathered at the kidergarten's compound as early as 7.45am.
At that point, baru I noticed, that I'm the only male joining the trip.
Tapi OK la jugak kan..aku takde masalah kawan ngan mak2 budak and cikgu2 budak ni..hehehehe
o kkkkkkkkkkk..sapa kata tak o kkkkkk... muahahahaha...Tapi kena kontrol sket la kan..mem ada kat sebelah...heheheh
tak..aku sebenarnye budak baik..mem ada ke, takde ke..behave...yes..behave..behave like what? hehehhe

I dont know why, but masa tengah beratur tu one boy from 4 years old class, started to cry..mula-mula...sket je...
like..sob..sob..sob..., but then after few minutes, it turned into UWAAAAAA!!!!!
Reason : Scared? missing the mother? i can't tell.
Yang peliknye, there's another boy who started crying, after he saw the first boy in front of him crying.
Pulaaakkkkk....?? tau la nak pegi domino's pizza, tak kan menangis pun domino...isyy...
Then masa tu plak, I saw this one kid, mula2 ok je...then dia plak yg dah mencebikkk bila tengok dua2 dah nangis.
and finally.......dia pun meletup jugak...
pergh..power la diorang ni punye nangis. kuatnye resonance sampai others pun bleh nangis as well..
nangis sama2, but without the same reason.
Pas tu bila bas dah sampai..ada plak yang termuntah lah..isk...memang payah bawak budak2 kecik ni field trip.
Before naik bas, diorang berikirar and baca doa naik kenderaan...

ikrar : "kami berikrar, akan mengikut perintah Allah, ibu bapa dan guru, serta saling tolong menolong sesama rakan" lebih kurang gitu la .

Then bila suma dah under control....we boarded the bus ..and the journey began..
First we went to Dominos Pizza at Careefour Subang. Bleh tengok cam ner diorang buat pizza..and makan pizza tu..tu je..
Bleh buat Pizza sendiri..blasah je topping apa..muahahahaha..tapi serious..
Yg buat sendiri punye, rasa cam tak sedap..ntah apa2..byk sgt tangan..
Tapi budak2 besor je la buat. Anak owner bawak geng2 dia dari convent klang, form 2 students. ada la 7 orang.
Masa diorang buat pizza la aku menyelit, sbb masa budak2 kecik, diorang tunjuk je..x bleh buat

Next went High 5 bread factory at Shah Alam. They have this proper tour program on the history of bread and its evolution. Dia panggil bread town. Good for kids, and mak bapak kids pun. The factory is the largest in South East Asia.

First they played the video on bread history, and then journey thru the bread tunnel.
Memang exciting la gak...RM 10 sorang for adults...
It is like a long overhead bridge in the factory. We walked in the covered and air conditioned overhead bridge, while looking at the complete cycle of bread processing
Then, nak balik dapat roti free, tu je...and dapat beli roti yang baru siap..tu je..

p/s gambar malam ni baru update, kat rumah