Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The dilemma of being an AFRORAMA

I am in a dilemma.
I was force to join the Esso Recreation Club Inter Department Karaoke Contest by my fellow afrorama group members.
This year, my department top management is very serious about it. Our department holds a very impressive track record, but we did not participate in 2004 n 2005.
This ERC Karaoke Inter Dept is a serious matter for all dept's top management.
They would go all out to ensure their dept win the title. Some forked out money form their own pocket, and in some events, it could reach up to RM 2K or more.

So , this year, EMIT (ExxonMobil IT) department wants the title back . (We last won on 2002) The IT teambuilding club is being pressed by the top management to work hard and coordinate a team to participate into this contest.

Why am I in the picture? I was part of the AFRORAMA team, who won the 2004 GIS Idol (GIS is the old name for EMIT). We sang 'kahayalan' by ruffedge and VE.
But that was different. Itu untuk suka2. And it was on 100% vote. (maybe becoz we were popular la kann)

AFRORAMA - rapper in sports attire

For this ERC contest, the judges are like from Yamaha skool of music and all professionals outside the company.
It is a grand annual event by ERC, and the winner will perform at the company annual dinner.
If I were to participate, a lot of time and effort is required.
I don't think I can spent too much time on this, with my current worload and nights audioconference.

To Azry, Pecal, Mior - I apologize for letting you down...
I will not be able to stay committed, thus it is fair for me to back out.
On the rapping part, anyone can do it...tak kan takde org bleh ganti aku kot.....


Bamboo Stick said...

Alah..........why tak nak join? I tak de chance nak dengar "katak memanggil hujan" dah lar:-( Tell your boss jangan bagi kerja banyak sangat lar.

Mpro said...

Cool la ko ni pyan... aku dulu pun pernah terjebak... masa ALAM punya annual dinner

eddie said...

keh keh keh...
kawan aku ker nih..
sungguh SLAM DUNK DA FUNK sekali

edaleeja said...

eda paling suke yg rambut blond tu :))

deano said...

the photo is just the tip of the iceberg...
you all should see how they performed on the stage after that.. even I had a difficult time to keep up with their action with a video camera at hand... and most of all the "catwalk" earlier on..
the performance was just amazing...and the judges were wordless...
and I didn't regret that I have to reschedule my flight to Miri that night just to capture the performances...and I'll be happy to help again knowing they have the talents.

abu_harraz said...

buluh sebatang - dah ckp byk kali dah kat boss...buat tak tau je..silap2 kang aku plak kena tak pandai manage time..tak leh komplen byk2 sgt. katak?? not to that extend....hehehehe..

mpro - aku dgr ko slalu gi k/oke. tak penah pun ajak aku..huhu..
mcm aku nak pegi? hehe

eddy - cam alleycat ler...tima kaseeyyyyyy

eda - hucs pun ske yg tudung biru tuuu

deano - nanti aku belanja ko..nak makan apa? aaa..amik...amik..sila2