Saturday, February 25, 2006

Indah dah okeyyy..yay!!!

Thank you.

That is the best word that I must say to all people who have been asking for Indah.
All the comments in this blog, SMSes, phone calls and visits while Indah was recuperating did help.
Thanks for being there, for Indah and us.

Indah is now as healthy as before. Like nothing happened. Alhamdulillah.
She was very energetic after she regained her energy.
Standing on the mattres, talking loudly, singing, hopping on one leg in the hospital room and many more.
Luckily the drip was still atached to her. Kalau tak, dah keluar bilik gamaknye...
Although it required an effort to control her, deep inside, I was very relieved. (betul ke spelling ni?)
Her hyper-active behaviour did not end there..It continued for few days. I told my wife, " Ni macam terlebih dadah kasik ectasy kot.."
Seriously..she talked, singing, monolog non stop unitl she fell asleep. Then continued the cycle..up to 3 days..hehehehe

This post is dedicated to all who have shown their concern and sent their well-wishes.
And for the visitors and the hospital, mintak halal lah coklat2 yg bagi kat indah, coz Indah tak nak..
Abi dia la makan...heheheheh

Tapi satu aku heran. Indah dapat Barbie Doll dari Che Che (my cousin). Kids nowadays got barbie doll when the are sick izit?

Fellow bloggers/netters
wanf a.k.a wanp

SMSs and phone calls
Da Da (Asyaari)
Che Che (Cousin)
Ibu Shasha
Tok Tganu
Cik Ika
Cik Farah
Cikgu Zunita
Ami (Asyaari wife)

Visitors...(Although there was a sign on the door that read "Limited Visitor")
Tok Wan
Pak Su
Hannah, Mak Yong and Pak Long
Nek Ijah, Tok Kamal At Farah
Mak Long Yati and Pak Long Din
Suhaila, Mak Ngah Idah and Pak Ngah Wan
Mak Su Ina
Che Siti
La and Shahril
Baby Aris, Che Azie and Uncle Isma
Che Che and Nek Ani
Ayah De Jamal and gopren

And the nurses and doctors, both in DEMC and SJMC. Not to forget, the two abang ambulance
Tima kassseeyyyyy.........

p/s kenapa x leh upload gambar ni? dah try mcm lynn suggest, tapi cam x logic je sbb coding tu tak ckp kat mana path gambar yg kita nak upload. anyone having problem upload gambar to blog? or mmg ada quota??


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Kakak Indah dah sembuh!!!

abu_harraz said...

tu la pasalll...sib baik x de apa2..
*anonymous ni mesti org yg guling2 tu*