Sunday, February 05, 2006

Have you ever had this feeling?

Your ex-sweetheart lawan your sweetheart.
Yes, this is what happened to me recently.
It is unavoidable. I was confused because I never hate my ex-sweetheart when we decided to choose our own path.
It was a mix feeling. It made me restless the whole day.
And at the end, my ex-sweetheart defeated my sweetheart.
Yes, Martina Hingis won the semi-final match against Maria Saharapova in Tokyo.
This is Hingis biggest impact after her comeback so far. He has been out from professional tennis since 2002.
To Maria, kalau ko asyik kalah cam ni, baik kita break-off. Hingis dah bagi hint2 kat aku dah...hehehehe

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