Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Gile Kepok

Macam budak asrama tunggu ration

This is a usual scene during long holidays at Kampung Losong, Kuala Terengganu.
The yummy yummy keropok lekor is the main attraction at Kg Losong, where the tourist and the local will flock to this area for best quality of keropok lekor.

Kak Yah is the most successful local Keropok Lekor enterprenuer. Along the 1 km stretch , there are not less than 20 keropok lekor stalls. However I guess their return, combined is at par to Kak Yah alone.
Some locals say that Kak Yah's is not the best. However because of her good bussiness planning, good marketing and good management, her name is very popular for west malaysia kepok lekor lovers.
One of Kak Yah biggest competitor..this one looks 10 years behind Kak Yah

Kak Yah is well equipped with proper tools

Her husband was a teacher. He is the most educated person compared to all these usahawan keropok lekor in Kg Losong. So the moral here, your product need not to be the best, but your creativity, knowledge and self-discipline (betui ke eja ni?) are more important.

It's all about management and reliability...


Hamka said...

he he he
kepok kat jalan sekolah rendah chendering, depang rumah doktor sulaiman sedap!!!

Nasi dagang mokngoh pung sedak gak!

abu_harraz said...

ok..boleh try...nanti len kali balik nak try

edaleeja said...

heheheh ye la tu. yg way behind tu la best wei...

satu tempat lg dkt seberang takir. cuke kepok dia bungkus dalam paper lapik ngan daun pisang. sodap tu...

abu_harraz said...

things to do bila balik kampung.

1. kosongkan perut
2. try kepok kat depan sek ren chendering
3. gi pulok sbrg takir, try kepok daun pisang
4. main badminton, make sure semua diikat ketat (tambahan)