Thursday, January 05, 2006

thinking of dina zaman...where are you?

i got few people who misinterpreted what i meant as 'thinking of dina' in 'about me' section in this blog.

i was 'introduced' to by 21 answers. from that moment my 'love' for dina has grown tremendously.

i have never seen her or met her in my whole life, but I LOVE her writing. I dont know who she is and yet a day would not pass without me browsing her blog. She has a good sense of humor and she expressed her feelings well in her blog. I have yet to come across a blog (so far) that could replace or even at par to gongkapas. I missed her ...writings. they were very lively.
kalau buku or majalah ke, boleh la beli and baca. ini blog. mana nak carik hardcopy?

i was very very sad when i learned that she has stopped from blogging due to work commitment (betul ke?) as i know that i will never find her again or get touched by her writing.
i still hope she will start up a new blog as is already taken by someone else. sigh...can't u just use other name??

If anyone reading this, and knows dina by person, please send my regards to her and dgn ucapan: tak nak start blog balik ke? (mcm ucapan hari raya kat RMKL)


JohnLabu said...

pian gebu.. i lap u

Camus said...

Hey I know Dina. Same batch, but different schools of course.

BTW, it's best if you remove the URL link to

That site looks fishy and may be used to distribute viruses.

That site was hijacked because it has a rather high Google Page Rank.

abu_harraz said...

tx camus.
I'll remove them.

by the way, have you send my regard to her. ;)

lil ms d said...

hello hucs

i'm dina.

gong xi fa cai.