Monday, January 23, 2006

Weekdays common sight at Parcel E Putrajaya

All these cars are parked (not moving) and none has the driver waiting.

Went to Putrajaya this morning for Cikgu Haida's matters. When I was there,
I found that it's very hard to park your car at Parcel E area (dunno about other parcel)
After few rounds, I decided to ask one mak guard (more look like adik guard yang come lote),
where the hell the public parking is.
She answered, " Kat tepi2 jalan ni je lah yang ada pun..."

Cam ner diorang pikir? Tak kan takde parking utk public? These are KEMENTRIAN's offices. Mesti byk visitor or client from all over the country. Tapi takde public parking. non akal acceptance sungguh

Tu yang gambar keta bersepah tu...

ingatkan canggih sgt....sama gak cam zaman dulu2 ..park keta tepi jalan. cuma bezanya, dulu2 keta tak byk skang suma org ada keta...lagi teruk..

Till now, still couldn't believe my eyes....What a sight in a multi-million-ringgit-‘well-planned’ Putrajaya.

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