Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Found this on utusan online. Hope they will act on this soon or else my daughter will be at risk on musculo-skeletal related illness. nauzubillah

Kaji semula senario masalah beg sekolah berat

This is our media and goverment style. Some one will be seen as hero, but come implementation, habuk pun tarak.

Side track sket...
Will the same goes to the safety issue at construction sites? Selamba je Fong Chan On kata company tu mmg dah ada problem. Kalau memang dah problematic, apsal allow diorang continue? Kenapa they are given license to operate? Was graded as D and E on their safety performance. Still buat building lagi sampai la ada org pecah kepala.

U guys tau tak sapa yang pecah kepala tu? He is one of the most brillian and intelligent person in the country (quoting my cousin lah, I tak tau pun) A very reliable consultant for most of GLCs if not mistaken.

sigh.......jgn la sampai ada yang patah tulang pulak Hishamuddin oiii...Nak ikut NATO kita ni..
No Action Talk Only....


eddie said...

NATO coz our politicians are busy "visiting" ktv kot.. :P

abu_harraz said...

good one...heard that the subang jaya is one of the hot spot :)

sumpit said...

think i hv that illness, my bag was the heaviest in my class - 10kg!!! (found out during Math class darjah 4, time baru belajar sistem metric)